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Blog for Monday 5th February 2024

My day began in the dark of a new morning – exciting as I had a whole day ahead of me to live in.

I fed my famished feline before going up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

I have started another study of the Book of John, but this time I am doing something completely different to the way I would normally study. I am doodling- yes doodling – drawing little pictures or writing words in my Bible to help me remember important facts, and at the same time writing and drawing in a journal. Just a fun way of remembering facts and something that really appeals to me.

Today, although another swelteringly hot day I managed to get a few things done.

First, I entered all the receipts on the Farm Expenses List for January 2024 and then e-mailed that off to Rentia – our daughter-in-law for the farm books. Tick.

I did several large loads of washing, as I do on a Monday!

I phoned my sister Dee, to check what day she is flying out to my other sister Sheelagh, in South Africa, and also to remind her to pick up Sheelagh’s gift from me which is at Paddy and Ren’s.

This morning, I contacted the guy that my friend Sandra had recommended to sort our air con; out. Shame, poor guy is running around like a chook minus its head as he is short staffed due to illness and as you may well imagine, in this long heatwave he is in great demand.  I told him that we have waited for many years so we can wait a few weeks for him to come out. He said it would be about a five week wait.

I tried to contact the school to find out if I am teaching this week or next or when, but the phone was engaged. Just as I was about to try again the headmistress contacted me! She very nicely explained how now, by law she needs a written “Opt In/Out" for Scripture’ from the parents for their children to attend/not attend Scripture classes.

I completely understand that and am quite happy to wait to allow the parents to do that. She also read out to me what she had written in the note to the parents about SRE Classes – which was well written and covered all that needed to be said. I am looking forward to being back at school if and when I am needed.

I wrote an e-mail to friends of ours in the USA – a long overdue letter too. They are so good at writing to us, and I have no excuse for being so slack at communicating with them. I decided that today was my turn around day of being a better friend to them both!

I contacted Shirley, who does all the e-mailing to our congregation and also Tony, our pastor, to let them know that our Bible Study Group has had to change our meeting day in Ellenborough, because my SRE Classes are now on that day we met previously.

By mid-afternoon I was officially hot, sweaty and no longer motivated. I was one large, melted blob of lard, not sure of what I wanted to do. So, I lay down on the couch with air con on and two fans blowing as hard as they were able to, to think about my next move!

My next move turned out to be to read my book for a short while and to relax. Ken has had a quiet day sleeping and resting, so I thought to join him for a while!

I went out to do some whipper snipping around the chook shed but it needed more wire and only heaven knows where Ken has that hidden. I was not game to go down to the bottom shed on my own to look for it! Yes-yes! I am a sook, but you have to see the bottom shed to really understand my reluctance!

Tonight, for our evening meal we had a beef lasagna – as my energy level had sunk below zero by that time! I am hoping that by the end of this heat wave both Ken and I will be looking trim and slim! With all this heat one does not really feel like eating so I have kept out meals simple and small. Time will tell.

What lesson did I learn today? Keep on going. Never give up


What am I grateful for today? That I did everything on my To Do List. Whoo-hoo!

My saying for today is …

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