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Blog for Monday 6th May 2024

The new day arrived silently, amid the soft shushing sound of drizzle, plus it was beautifully wrapped in layers of mist. Beautiful!

I fed Shamara, made my coffee and shuffled my way upstairs to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Sometime during the end of my Quiet Time, I finished off typing out a talk I had listened to and wanted to keep, done by Jimmy Evans on End Times. Very good and a serious wakeup call.

I also did some of my Book of Judges Bible study – which is part of the Two-Year Chronological Bible Course that Mich’ and I are doing together.

Then it was clear the decks … here I come!

I literally did clear the decks to give myself some room to begin my creative journey … I have not done any art whatsoever for ages and ages and ages so am feeling rather rusty at the hinges!

What I am trying to do is to get a feel for and be able to produce the characters for my friend Hester’s children’s book. I must admit I was getting a little frustrated and frazzled because they were not materializing as quickly as I had hoped, but they will. I have to be patient and in the meanwhile sketch, draw, dream, imagine and repeat!

I think what I should do is concentrate on one character at a time until I “get it”, and then move on to the next. Then it will be composition – expressions- backgrounds – colors – paint.

If I do not produce what my friend needs at least I would have had a whale of a time doing some art! So “Thank you Hester for getting me back into the saddle, splashing paint around with gay abandon hopefully!”

Ken ahs had a quiet and very restful day, as there was little to nothing that he could do outside. It was so wet, muddy, cold, and still raining.

My washing is slowly mounting up in the bathroom but there is no stopping the rain - which is wonderful for the newly planted pastures – so I think tomorrow I will begin to clear that out the way and use the tumble drier to dry it all.

I continued scribbling, sketching, rolling my eyes, and drawing. I have ordered a large A3 layout pad which I will pick up on Wednesday. I find it a lot easier to have a large surface on which to dream, draw and design.

I did not say earlier, but before I even put a pencil to paper, I looked at hundreds of photos of the animals I need to draw to get some idea of size, proportions, and shapes. I was trying to be inspired and get a feel for each animal before I began.

At the end of the day, I fried up some bacon, lamb chops, beef sausages and fried eggs for our supper.

Then not long after that I crawled into bed with my books – I am reading two at the same time! One a novel and the other a study!

Oh dear! Not too much reading was done as my eyes keep closing on their own! But I managed a few chapters of each book before succumbing to snoozing.

What lesson did I learn today? Just keep on keeping on. Never give up!

What am I grateful for today? The beginning of an art journey into the unknown.

My saying is …

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