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Blog for Monday 6thNovember 2023

I am so sorry that this blog was up so late but I could not get onto the internet.

Oops! Slept in again! That Is not good as it means I am tired – maybe I will have to start having a Nanna-nap in the afternoons now. Oh! heaven forbid! I have far too many things I want to do in life to take that up!

This morning the skies were grey and overcast but no rain in sight yet. Possibly later, but not in vast quantities. But I am so grateful for the rain we have already had but am praying for more as the farm needs it so desperately.

Today I need to work up in my studio to catch up with entering the receipts for last month for the farm to send down to Ren’ - our daughter-in-law. I also need to comb through all the hundreds of emails that have stacked up, and to read, answer, file or delete them. Yoh! It takes such a lot of time doing that, and it is my own fault (which is really, annoying!) for allowing them to mount up like that. (Much snorting and rolling of my eyeballs!)

Yahee! We had another 15mm of rain overnight! Hallelujah! Our pastures must be delighted after this long drought. So far, we have had 3mm; 30mm; 3mm; 2mm and 15mm

Today I decided to clean teeth, shower, put my face on but wear pyjamas all day – it makes me think that I am on holiday! (But I still have to work!)

This morning I attacked the receipts for the farm for last month – October – and typed them out and sent them down to Ren’ later in the day. And … wonder upon wonders, I managed to get my emails down to 34 only! Fantastic!

In the late morning Ken had trouble with the tractor – it had been coughing and spluttering a bit, but he managed to use it to put out the bales of silage for the cattle, and then it just died and would not start again! Hurrumph! The end.

Ken contacted Peter, our mechanic, and bless Peter, he came across in the late afternoon, just when the rain decided to pour down and get them both – Peter and Ken – soaking wet. Peter pinpointed the problem quickly! He got the tractor going again but it will need to have the fuel line cleaned properly next week sometime.

Knowing my man, and still being attired in my pyjamas I quickly changed! (Yes, I was correct – Ken asked Peter in for a drink before he returned home!) It was nice to see Peter again, but man, that man works himself into the ground! Well, I guess it is people like us that help him do that! “Sorry Peter!”

What lesson did I learn today? To do what is on my To Do List, and not be distracted.

What am I grateful for today? Again, the rain!

My saying for today is …

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