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This could be my cat!

My day began at just before four o’clock this morning. The top shed was wrapped tightly in layers of white fog and it gave the day an air of mystery.

I fed my feline, yes, the one who really should be watching her waistline as she is expanding rapidly. I like to say that she is muscle bound, but most people see straight through that line of thought!

I made my coffee and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time and get all the things I needed for school today. Thankfully I was really organized for the day at school.

I went downstairs and had my shower and got dressed for the day.

I tidied our home, swept and mopped and felt much better for leaving our home neat and tidy when I left for school.

In the morning Ken went out and checked the cattle and fed the bulls. Then at just before eleven o’clock Ken went across the river to meet up with Ryan, the young guy who has been such a help to us of late.

Ryan had brought up from Gloucester their set of portable yards, and he had also contacted our neighbors from across the road and to whom that bit of land belongs for permission to set them up there. Ken had already asked them, and they had said it was okay too.

Ryan brought another guy to help them put the yards up, which took them a couple of hours in that blazing sunshine. When I left for school I thought they may be hot an thirsty, so took three bottles of water and three icy cold cokes for them which they began to drink immediately!

Then with a farewell wave to my man, Ryan and Bob, I set sail for school. Ah! These children at school make me feel so loved.

As I arrived there were little voices from all over the school grounds shouting out their welcomes to me, as they were still on lunch hour.

I checked in at school and then sat outside watching an informal game of some form of football in play, with little bodies charging here and there and hither and thither at the speed of light! Other children were off playing an imaginary game of horses, others were working in the vegetable garden and so on. It was delightful sitting outside in the sunshine watching all the busyness around me.

I was amazed that the children had missed me so and I was told by several of the children that ‘You have been away forevaaaaaaaaah!’ And many told me it had been two weeks since I had been with them. They were right, I had been away for two weeks, but I never expected them to even notice my absence as they are kept busy doinglots of fun things at this little school.

I honestly felt so loved and missed!

Today my classes were great fun – noisy at times, but rightly so and we all – children, me and even their teachers enjoyed the lesson!

For the younger class I had printed out a little six paged books with information about the Bible for them to color in. My idea was to get all the pages colored in, then I would laminate each page and put them together with a ring holder for them to take home. I realized that there is just not the time needed for this, so asked the children to just colour the first or cover page today and I would then laminate all the pages for them.

Two of the teachers in that particular class heard me talking about laminating and asked me if I would like some lamination pages. I said I had some at home, but they insisted that the school should and could help me with that. I smiled and said, “Thank you!” and went off to my next class.

After the lesson I played “The Unfair Game” with them and will do so until the end of the year. In this game I split the class into two teams and ask them questions on the lesson I have just taught or the previous lesson. The ‘unfair’ part comes in here, as even if they answer correctly that question's answer may score them a minus 10 or 0! There is much mumbling about it being “Unfair!” and great jubilations when the opposition scores a minus score!

I find this way of reminding the children (or checking to see if I taught a lesson well and they understood it), is non-threatening to them, because even if they answered incorrectly they may have (for their team) missed scoring a minus score and so are congratulated by their team, and are not scolded.

It is great fun and today after many ups and downs the teams were on a score of zero each!

As I walked away from the school towards my car, one of the teachers came running after me with a brand new box of lamination pages! Wow! How kind was that!

I drove home still smiling!

When I got home Ken was still fast asleep so I busied myself making our supper – just a savory mince on toast for tonight as I always feel tired after a day at school. I think it is all the energy around me there or something – it could not possibly be age, now, could it? Nah! Nah! Nah!

I crawled into bed and was sound asleep by nine o’clock.

Today was a really, lovely day for me.

What lesson did I learn today? How important children are in my life.

What am I grateful for today? The box of lamination pages.

My saying for today is …

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