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Blog for Monday 8th January 2024

Most days I start well and keep going, but … not always!

My Mum left us (to go to heaven) - her six children plus our families on 1st July 2022, but had she still been on earth with us today, she would have turned 99 years old!

I miss our Mum. Words cannot express just how much I do. Mum had (and still has) a very special place in my heart and life. One that only she could and can occupy.

Mum’s last visit to us on the farm in 2017. Here Mum came to church with us.

Okay, let me think of what I have done in my day today. It better be worth something because I have exchanged a day of my life for it!

I began my day today as usual, with my Quiet Time, then I did some studying for our Bible Study Group, although we will only be meeting not this week but the week after that. Tony (our pastor) also wants to bring out a young man, who is finishing off his theological course/degree/certificate, to join us for the morning so he can see how we run our Bible Study Group.

I did loads and loads of washing but did not get to hang it out as Ken, bless his heart, mowed our grass again. Shoo! I was getting mighty tired of the goose step marching to the washing line through the long grass, with nerves twanging rather loudly! Not a pretty sound nor sight people! I was waiting for the cows to start complaining!

Then I ironed the bits and piece of fabrics I had sorted out from my quilting case that were crinkle and wrinkled and put them away. I also packed the towels, kitchen towels, bathmats, et cetera that we will take through to one of the second-hand shops when we are next in town.

Ah yes! I cleaned the fridge out that was beginning to smell like some veggie had died a few days ago in it! You know, possibly a grey and hairy tomato or something similar reclining in the veggie drawer waiting to terrify me. Nah! This time it was a piece of cucumber that had croaked. Yucky! All squishy and dripping with a syrupy ooze. Now gone!

The fridge is once again looking clean, neat and smelling lovely! Wonderful!

After cleaning the fridge, I was beginning to feel positively angelic, so took time out to finish listening to the last chapter of my audio book, and while doing that I did some hand sewing of a few hexagons.  I think I will attempt to make some nice centre pieces for tables using these hexagons – for our dining room table, a coffee table, our large conference table, and the square tab e out in the main shed area too. They would make nice gifts too.

I also dismantled the large lampshade which was no easy job! I got Ken to help me yank the fabric off the wire where I was unable to. I asked our friend Norm’ to weld on some wire struts to keep the two wire circles of the lampshade apart and then I will again attempt to recover the lampshade. I have walked town to buy one this size but have not seen one anywhere near its size. I am so happy that I managed to do that today.

We had a gentle sprinkling of rain in the early afternoon, but I doubt it even recorded,

but it is possible that we may get some rain tonight.

In the late afternoon I grilled some beef steaks, made mashed potatoes, and added mixed veggies to that. I think I may try to make a mushroom or pepper sauce to be served with the meal too.

What lesson did I learn today? To get done what is on my To Do List before I do anything else.

What am I grateful for today? A new day!

My saying for today is …

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