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Blog for Monday 8th May 2023

I was up with Raafie (who had asked me ever so nicely to go for a wee walk with him) at eleven last night, and again at five this morning. Bless his four paws! But … he asks to go outside and ever so politely, which is wonderful.

I had my Quiet Time and began to prepare for the talk our Pastor has asked me to make in church this coming Sunday – something I wrestle with, but I really enjoy preparing for.

After my Quiet Time I again set the oven so that it would be ready when I could start baking a little later once our whole household was awake and moving.

This morning I made some fluffy cheese muffins, iced the chocolate cake, and got all my paraphernalia that I needed to take with me to help set up in the church hall. I was going to make a quiche too but thank goodness I did not as there was so-o-o-o-o much food.

Ken and I went into Wauchope in the ute’ as Ken needed to buy a gate for the farm. Now, that was a bit of a problem for me as I had to try and balance a chocolate cake on a glass stand and covered by a glass dome on my lap! At my feet were the containers of muffins and the fruit I would display on a glass platter once we got there.

It was no fun banging and bouncing across the river, but … if that was the only option I had, so I had to grin and bear it and the cake weathered the ride well!

We got to the church hall at one o’clock and that is when our work began in earnest. There were mainly five of us women in the kitchen and from one o’clock to five o’clock we looked neither left nor right, but were heads down and worked as hard and as fast as we could!

In the beginning it looked as we may not have enough food for the hall was almost full of chairs and more people arrived, more and more chairs were set out. Yet, the ladies in our church all brought a plate of something and some of them brought far more, The tables were groaning with the load of food, so people there for the Celebration of Brian Eldridge’s life had more than enough to eat, plus there were different teas to choose from, ice cold water, cordial and coffee.

We were certainly kept busy in the kitchen as the hall was chock a block full, with standing room only and some people even sat on the floor! Brian was well loved by so many of us. He will be sorely missed.

Brian and Wynne’s son gave the speech about his Dad – and you could see and hear that David (their son) is a chip off the old block for sure. I loved his dry humor and the obvious love he has and had for both his Mum and Dad. His talk was a wonderful tribute to both his parents.

It was nice to see so many people that we have not seen for ages - people who have moved away from Wauchope due to illnesses, work or to be near their families.

Unfortunately, I did not have any opportunity to chat to most of them as I was too busy in the kitchen, but got to say a quick “Hi!” when they came to get their tea, coffee or whatever to drink.

By the time we had cleaned up and packed everything away it was just before six o’clock, dark, cold with a nasty wind blowing and then we headed back home – another forty-five minute drive.

Having been away for most of the day and it now being cold, dark, windy and late for feeding the dogs, we were welcomed whole heartedly! Only dogs knowhow to do that without muttering or blaming, they are just delighted that you showed up!

Neither Ken nor I wanted to eat anything for supper, so we basically headed for bed as soon as it was possible.

Raafie was so happy to have us back home and soon snuggled down in his bed alongside my side of our bed.

As I closed my eyes I prayed for Wynne (Brian’s wife,) David and his family (their son) and Elizabeth and her partner. It is a hard and lonely road to travel. because we all deal with grief in our lives so differently.

What lesson did I learn today? Life is very short so live EVERY moment.

What am I grateful for today? That we did well in the catering department today.


y saying for today is …

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