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Blog for Monday 9th January 2023

I slept well but woke at just after one o’clock this morning – that seems to be a ‘new’ pattern for me. Then I was awake again before four o’clock but then had a debate with my body as to whether to get up or not. My body won this time round and I only slunk out of bed at five o’clock!

Just roll with the punches Gail!

I fed my forever starving-but-hardly-disappearing feline before tiptoeing to my studio to have my Quiet Time and plan my day.

After my Quiet Time I went downstairs as the men were getting ready to go out and do some spraying at the back of the farm. Everyone was awake a little later today. Paddy and Matt’ were doing the spraying to get rid of the lantana and Ken was going into town to fetch more strainer poles et cetera, plus he had an appointment at Australia Hearing, to add the surround sound to his hearing aids.

Yahee! As Ken was going into town, that meant he could pick up my two parcels for me at the Post Office – one will be the inks for my printer and the other is the half watercolour pans container. Goody-goody gumdrops!

Today I began a clean-up – you know the whole Monday morning scene. First I did a load of washing, then I swept and mopped the bathroom after cleaning the dryer and the washing machine.

Then I tackled the leather lounge furniture – the dark green leather suite. I like to use leather cream on it every now and again jut to keep the leather soft and supple, but also to keep any mold, caused by dampness away. It always comes up so nicely and is worth the elbow grease used to get it that way!

Next, I crawled in behind the sideboard that holds Ken’s little TV and my music centre as the dust loves sneaking and mounting up behind there. Shoo! I almost asphyxiated myself snorting the dust as I cleaned it all up! I am amazed at the amount of dust bunnies that “grow” EVERY day in this shed. Even in the bathroom, which has white tiles and is cleaned daily, there are masses of the wretched things. There should be a ‘dust shotgun’ to get rid of them! Maybe I will try to design one.

I then sorted out the fridge in our living area as it was a mess, filled with far too many things, and I managed to create a fair asemblance of order! Not too good but better than it was.

By then I had worked up a serious sweat and as Paddy and Matt’ would soon be on their way back home for lunch, I put the air con’ on for a short while. My goodness gracious golly gee, how pleasant that was!

I got together the normal salads, meats, wraps et cetera for lunch and the men helped themselves. I ate some fruit which was icy cold. I love fruit but am a lazy fruit eater. I should correct that bad habit this year.

Oh dear! My poor man will have a heart attack when he gets home and sees how Paddy has been ever so creative with the forks on the tractor! We now have one side of the tractor forks up and the other side down with a serious twist in the middle. Maybe some engineering company can straighten them out again? It is worth a try.

After lunch Paddy and Matt’ retired to their beds to have a rest, read their books or were busy on their phones, i-pad or laptops. I went up to my studio, after putting the lunch things away, and checked my emails in case I needed to send any emails onto the congregation.

Nah! All quiet on the western front!

I read my book for a short while and then, because my oven is not working at the moment, I hauled out my Tiffany oven in order to make some chips. Tonight we would be eating fish (caught for us by the Lake Cathie Fishermen) and chips. Ken filleted the fish for me when he got back home.

I thought Ken took the twisted tractor forks well. Both Paddy and I were watching through the window, noted Ken’s startled, wide-eyed look when he espied the said twisted forks as he drove up! But … he thinks they can be easily sorted out by the right people with the right tools!

Paddy made a fire outside and the four of us sat out watching the day expire.

We then came inside and ate our fish and chips and toddled off to bed.

Another day and Paddy and Matt’ had done a lot of work and Ken had been to town to get what they needed here on the farm. Plus Ken picked up my two parcels – yes, and they were the ones I had been expecting. Wonderful.

What lesson did I learn today? Just get on with what has to be done.

What am I grateful for today? The work Paddy and Matt' are getting done on the farm.

My saying for today is …

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