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Blog for Monday 9th May 2023

I slept in a bit this morning as I was up at some unearthly time last night with Raafie, so only rolled out of bed at twenty past five this morning!

Brr! Another chilly morning. But no frost yet. Well, not here anyway.

Today was a day to catch up on things to be done. I had a pile in the sink from all the cooking and baking yesterday and as we got home so late, and the dishwasher was already full, so I left them just like that to be attended to today! Darn!

I did two large loads of washing and hung them out. I love that sound of wet washing flapping in the wind and today we had a stiff breeze blowing, so there was much cracking of the sheets and all things large on the washing line.

I swept our home and tidy it too, but not so that I worked up a serious sweat!

Ken is still trying to catch up on some sleep, so he had a long sleep again today, but when he did eventually get up, he looked a lot brighter and more positive about life. in general! Yahee!

Oh dear! Raafie has obviously been getting lessons from his “big sisters” (the cattle kelpies) on how to terrorize guinea fowl, and now he simply delights in chasing after them as fast as his four little legs can carry him! Drat! I will have to put a stop to that game immediately!

In the late afternoon Ken went out on the quad bike to check the cattle at the back of the farm with all four dogs – yes, including Raafie – but Sheesa remained at home with me where it was nice and warm in front of the fire.

From the Left: Thandi; Jabu; Ken; Thogo and in front, Raafie!

I spent the afternoon working on my talk for church this Sunday, but still have a long way to go before completing it. I also have a lesson to teach for Sunday School this Sunday and two lessons for Scripture at school on Monday! So best I knuckle down and do them all.

Today has been a sunny day but with a stiff and nasty nippy wind blowing hard. A proper wintery day. At least it got my washing dried quickly.

As the day leaked out so did my energy!

I am so excited as Mich’ and Robert have got me onto the app ‘Binge’ tonight, and I began to watch a true story of a whodunnit. Nail biting stuff!

One thing I really do love about winter is that we are in bed nice and early as it gets dark very quickly. And tonight, Ken and I made not exception to that rule – we were tucked up nice and early and were wonderfully warm too.

What lesson did I learn today? To get on with what I have to get done.

What am I grateful for today? A nice quiet day at home.

My saying for today is …

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