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Blog for Monday16th January 2023

I was up nice and early again this morning. I slowly and as silently as was possible, fed my cat, and made my coffee before going up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Again, this morning our dogs were barking, barking, barking and I could hear the howls of the wild dogs nearby which were irritating our dogs. It is not good to hear them so close by, although I think they would be biting off more than they could chew in trying to attack any calf belonging to our Bonsmara herd.

A calf just has to bleat and the whole herd rushes to the aid of the calf that is bleating. I would hate to face a crowd of angry cows stampeding towards me. I saw what one cow can do to a human being (to my man in 2009), and it is not pretty! Two black eyes, several broken ribs and sternum, a chip of bone out his chin and at the back of his head, plus a broken ankle! He was in ICU for three days too. So no waltz in the park folks!

Today Paddy was again working at the back of the farm, fencing, but first having to dig the holes for the strainer posts. Hard and difficult work in this harsh heat.

Ken went into Wauchope to pick up a ton of fertilizer which Ken is hoping to spread before we get any rain. Yes, yes, we are forever optimistic! But … is DOES look as if we may be in for some rain at the end of this week. Please, please that the weathermen are correct!

I did some ironing but there was not much to do – thank goodness. It is nice keeping up to date when I can.

I did two loads of washing this morning and hung it out to flap freely on the washing line – and so far the dogs have shown no interest in removing it off the line. I am hoping that they have outgrown that sport!

Oh no! Later Ken pointed out that the fitted bottom sheet off our bed was on the grass around the one corner of the shed, lying there like a deflated balloon, Ken insisted that it could have been the wind. Nah! Not possible ... it was the dogs again. I reckon! Rats!

In the morning I went out to my now vastly overgrown veggie patch with my whipper snipper – a battery operated one that Robert and Mich’ gave to me recently – and I began, but it was raining lightly and I was getting rather soggy around my edges, plus the grass is so thick I am not sure that whipper snipping is the answer. I will have to have a serious think about how to tackle that problem.

I then began the big task of cleaning all the kitchen stuff on the large work bench at the back of the main area in the shed. I washed glasses, about twelve large plastic trays, bottles, dusted and wiped down boxes, and containers. I sorted the fishing stuff out – untangled line and hooks – and even sorted the gun cleaning stuff too. I have also sorted what things I am “giving away” to whoever and hopefully this will be the first waved of the serious de-cluttering beginning!

I am delighted that a friend of ours – the gentleman who had the spinal stroke – has been moved from the Port’ Base hospital into the Wauchope Rehab. That means it so much easier for most of us to visit him, and I pray that this mountain he and his loved ones have to climb over, will indeed become easier for them all.

Ken got home at about two o’clock from Wauchope and went off to have his siesta. Paddy got back about an hour after him, and he grabbed a toasted wrap and then returned to work out at the back of the farm again. I was a bit concerned about the heat for him, but Paddy said that there was a good breeze blowing so the heat was not that bad today.

Oh yes! I woke up this morning with wretched toothache again – my least favorite pain, I think. I managed to make a dentist appointment, but only in two weeks, but that is okay as this tooth ache comes and goes. I am hoping it goes more than it comes, this time round! I know I have to have that particular tooth taken out and am not excited about that, but … it is what it is.

For supper tonight I will make fried eggs, peas, hot chips and grilled lamb chops. I may even suggest that Paddy braais the chops over the fire, but I will first see how tired he is when he gets back home, as he has pushed long hours today all on his own.

(Bless this son of ours, he did braai the chops for me while we sat outside watching today disappear.)

In the late afternoon I flicked through my SRE manual. I now need to get all the games I have “saved” over the years sorted out and put into categories, which will make it easier each week to choose which games to play with which class and also which ones are relevant to the lesson.

My friend Hester sent me another chapter from the book she is writing. She is seriously a wonderful writer and I so enjoy reading whatever she ahs written. I cannot wait for her book to be published. Move over Prince Harry, she will sell more of her books than you!

What lesson did I learnt today? Set my goals for this year with a time limit.

What am I grateful for today? 1mm of rain this morning! Surprise!

My saying for today is

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