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Blog for Monday6th March 2023

It was so nice to wake up with my sister under the same roof as I was under, plus the two of us slept up in my studio to be far away from any r-r-r-r-rats (should another dare to enter the shed) nor any slithering creature (we hoped ... most sincerely.)

Shoo! Talk about nerve s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g moments – I have been through one or two these last few days, and I am hoping that the nest of snakes hatching have all wiggled far, far away.

What I found disturbing is that these were eastern brown snakes and we have never seen them in the Home Camp, much less IN our home! Not a fun experience, people!

This morning after we slowly woke up and moved around after early morning coffees and rusks, Ken continued on with his snooze, so Dee and I continued to work on our large crossword together.

Just a lovely, relaxed morning together.

Then It was time for me to get ready for my day at school – or rather afternoon at school. I showered and got dressed, checked that I had all the paraphernalia I needed for my classes, and then I was ready and could just sit and chat with Dee, my sister, before leaving.

Shoo! But it was so hot this afternoon – over 38̊ C – so I was so grateful for the air-con’ in the classrooms, but as one walked out of them it was like walking in to a hot wall of intense heat. My heart was for the littlies, who on a day like this are so hot and very tired by that time of day, but we still had a great time together.

It was so nice today because when I drove up the hill to our home on the hill after teaching at school– there my sister was waving her arms around, welcoming me home. That was nice.

After a cup of tea we settled down to do some more serious chatting, as Dee leaves tomorrow and so we were squeezing in all the sister-chatting-times possible!

Ken was up and about feeding the bulls and checking on the cattle on the farm, while I quickly prepared the meal (to be cooked later) and chatted on with my sister. Yes, in answer to your question I CAN multi-task, and talking is a natural for me!

In the late afternoon Dee and I sat outside grabbing whatever breeze was blowing, and just watched a beautiful farm scene form around us. The cattle were in the Home Camp, the dogs and the guinea fowl all busy lying on, chewing or pecking at the grass while catching the last rays of sunshine before the night took over.

Dee and I sat outside even when the sun had gone to bed, and we watched the full moon shining brightly above us – just a lovely way to end the day.

What lesson did I learn today? How I love teaching little ones.

What am I grateful for today? Having my little sister here with us.

My saying for today is …

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