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Blog for Saturday 10th February 2024

I got up at twenty-five minutes past three this morning. Why so early you ask? Well, I have no idea what or why or when I hurt my right wrist but when I went to bed it was really sore, and throughout the night it kept waking me each time I moved or tuned over. It also woke me up really early.

Oh rats! It is NOT what I needed right now as we are doing cattle work all day today and having my right hand out of commission is not what we needed! Never mind I found a thing to strap my wrist up with and that helped a lot.

The weathermen predicted rain – and a lot of it for our area today, but so far (nine o’clock in the morning) we have seen not one drop! It looks as if it may slide south of us again. But I will not mutter too loudly about that, as working out in the ‘yards in the pouring rain does not sound like a whole lot of fun!

While Paddy and Matt’ sorted out the what, where and with what to patch the ‘yards up to make them safe, Ken went out looking for any more cattle that he had not yet  brought in, and I worked on my Kids Church lesson for tomorrow before going out to the ‘yards to work.

Of course, the rain came then! But thankfully just a light drizzle.

The drizzle was there on and off throughout the day – sometimes hard and at other times soft - so that by the end of the day the four of us were tired, wet, soggy and muddy.

We decided to go ahead and do cattle work, well as much as we could, today and continue that work tomorrow too.

It was a long and hard slog – de-horning, castrating, vaccinating, pour on dose, checking for any pink eye cases, and tagging calves. Paddy and Matt’ doing most of the work, Ken bringing the cattle in and pushing them down the race, and me recording each animal and writing out the tags for the calves.

Before we began the work out in the ‘yards, Paddy and Matt’ began to construct the large outdoor pen for the little guinea fowl keets and the one chook, for them to be able to run around in, instead of their now cramped cages. That still has to be completed, but they will have it up and working before they leave the farm.

We had a few heart racing moments out in the ‘yards – a weaner got itself woven in a gate and lifted it off its hinges whilst kicking like a crazy with fear, and poor Matt’ got kicked on the shin. Very ainah!

Then Paddy in trying to protect me from one enraged mum, who had been separated from her calf, and who was not in the least amused by that, charged him at least three times. There was much waving, shouting, a raised head and snorting, and generally much upheaval in the ‘yards! Never a dull moment out there!

At the end of the day the four of us came back inside tired, weary but happy with what we had achieved. We all had a turn in a hot shower and felt instantly more human again!

We had an early supper – hastily put together by me! Grilled rump steaks, mashed potato, mealies (corn) and garlic bread! Not the most healthy or creative but … food!

Paddy, Matt’ and mwah all retired to our beds early to read, listen or watch whatever, and Ken sat up a bit longer, watching TV before retiring.

What lesson did I learn today? That many hands make lighter work!

What am I grateful for today? Our family and the rain.

My saying for today is …

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