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Blog for Saturday 11th March 2023

My niece is getting married in Scotland on Saturday 11th March 2023 at3.30pm (yes, that is today here in Australia, but it will take place via Zoom from Scotland, and I will watch the wedding at 2.30am tomorrow morning – that is, Sunday!) So, it will be a rise and shine moment in the wee hours of Sunday morning for me.

Today all three of us – Ken, Paddy and mwah - all woke up later than we would normally get up – so we were obviously all tired and needed those extra few minutes of sleep. Wonderful!

Paddy was off finishing some fencing and fixing a gate. Ken was busy down in the bottom shed and I just did two loads of washing and hung it out to dry, then I swept and dusted our home. After which I had a shower and then made and baked some condensed milk rusks for our morning coffees, starting tomorrow morning.

Once the rusks were baked, I cut them up and left them in the oven (very slow oven) to dry out completely. This is such a nice recipe if you like rusks – rusks are a staple early morning food that goes with coffee for most South Africans, present or ex!

After lunch, Ken went off to have his siesta, Paddy had a shower as he had was melting after working out in this heatm before having a rest as it was far too hot to work outdoors then.

I went up to my studio to do some work. I wrote out all the children’s names (for school on Monday) onto those wooden sucker sticks – green lettering for the boys and a light maroon lettering for the girls. I will use these make sure that I do not leave any child out in class, because I think it is so easy to do even if you are unaware of doing so. There are always the same little hands that go up when I ask a question, but I am quite sure that there are those who also know the answer but are too timid to say it or to put their hand up.

This way, I pull out a wooden suck stick with a name on it, from the little papered leopard skin container I have. I cannot see whose wooden stick I am pulling out, when I do, I call out their name after I have asked the class a question. The little one can then say if they wish to answer or rather would not. If they do not wish to answer that question, I simply pop their stick back into the container. It is just to get across to each child that they are important to me and I want to hear their voice, plus it is the fairest way for me to make sure everyone gets a chance in class to answer or not to.

Yahee! I was so pleased that I had that done today.

I am teaching in Sunday School tomorrow, and I have all my lesson, quizzes,’ animal matching sets, and a board game ready to go too. Plus, I have downloaded onto my phone a ‘Match the Cards’ game for the little ones to play if we have any spare time.

Tonight we will have a braai (Barbeque) with some delicious lamb chops, baby potatoes with cream cheese, a tossed green salad, hard boiled eggs and baked beans. I also have some garlic bread to go with the meal too, but in the end did not serve it.

We were all in bed fairly early as we had an early start tomorrow.

What lesson did I learn today? To do one thing at a time and complete it.

What am I grateful for today? The rain in the early evening and that Paddy cooked the chops for me over the fire outside.

My saying for today is …

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