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Blog for Saturday 11th May 2024


I could almost hear the rain splashing down in my imagination, (we cannot hear it in our bedroom), but … sure enough, it was raining when I got up and I could really hear it then.

We had another 11.5mm of rain overnight. So, sogginess still reigns on the farm. There are puddles of water and mud everywhere. But this is so much more preferable than experiencing drought. A farmer can utilize mud, but he cannot use dust!

After my Quiet Time I did some studying and then I went downstairs to do all the ironing. And oh dear! It had certainly mounted up with all this rain. I had to use the tumble drier to dry all the washing, and now had heaps of ironing to catch up on.

Luckily, I had a new audio book to listen to and that was a great motivator for me to get the ironing done.

After I had completed all the ironing, I listened to and then did the exercises for the first lecture on, “Measuring and Proportions” in one of the art courses I am busy with. I am loving this making myself do what I really enjoy doing. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?

But so often I allow my house-wifely duties to crowd out those special times for me.

Seriously, a little more dust on the furniture, spiders’ webs woven in the corners of each room, and the odd sock lying on the floor will not upset any vast plan, I am sure! I just have to discipline myself to find moments to really enjoy each day - not only by ticking things off my To Do List – although that does bring me such a feeling of achievement at the end of each day, but to do things that I love doing – art – calligraphy – photography – baking - reading blah blah blah fish paste.

Once Ken got up, I decided that our bedroom needed a little TLC and ‘spring-cleaning’ done in it today. I had washed, tumble dried and ironed the bedlinen, now I needed to sweep, mop, dust and generally tidy our special room. I also went through my cupboard as I like everything to be in a neat row or pile. Done!

More time for art now!

For supper tonight we are having beef lasagna and salad – one of my favorite and easily made meals.

What lesson did I learn today? Make time to play each day.

What am I grateful for today? That I got all the ironing done this morning.

My saying for today is … I love this saying.

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