Blog for Saturday 12th November 2022

Today arrived wrapped in tissue-like layers and layers of soft white fog. Yes! Just like a present – a gift, which it was!

This morning we have our friends from Nabiac arriving for a visit, so best I leap onto my broomstick and whip around our home to create some law and order, which seldom rules or reigns after a day in town buying this and that.

I also prepared a chicken Caesar salad set out in order for everyone to help themselves to what they fancied. I also arranged the mini cupcakes on a long narrow wooden platter of mine and set the buttered brioche rolls laced with chocolate in another wooden bowl for our morning tea.

Shame, poor Ron had to stay at home as he had some wretched tummy bug that began this morning, but Helen (Ron’s wife and our good friend) her son Simon, Simon’s wife, Kayla and two of their four sons – Connor and Sylas arrived on the farm to spend time with us this morning.

We spent some lovely time with this family and were sad to see them leave at about two o’clock or just before two. They will be back next weekend to camp on our front lawn as one of their other sons is taking part in some athletics in Port Macquarie. Hopefully the weather will be kind to them, and they will have a pleasant camping experience.

When Helen and her family left us, Ken headed off to have his siesta at speed! I went up to my studio to finish putting the children’s little books together, so I will be able to hand them out to them this Monday! Yahee!

I then worked on what games I will play with both classes after their lesson.

I removed my nail polish and after letting my nails have a bit of a breather and absorb the Vaseline I had coated them with, I re-painted them, ready for church in the morning.

While I was working up in my studio several storms rolled over or around us, spitting only a few spots of rain onto our farm. Yesterday, we had a storm go over us in the early evening and it dropped 6mm of rain, which was most unexpected and gratefully received!

Today I wore my Mum’s engagement and wedding ring for the first time, which brought a lump to my throat. I miss her so.

When we were in town yesterday I bought a small section of a silicone spring (the jeweler cuts the spring to size) which Ken wrapped around this ring to prevent it from slipping off my finger as it is a little big. I had never seen that used before, so there you go!

Something new learnt today!

I have to wait for the new year to get this ring altered to my size, as our jeweller is so busy and has closed his books for 2022 already!

In the afternoon just after four o’clock new visitors arrived – John Avery and Dave (Melisssa Broderick’s Dad) – came out to do some fishing on the farm. I did not go out immediately but left Ken to chat away to them for a while – it sounded like two men in their vehicle, keen to catch some fish. So hopefully they do. I popped down a little later to say “Hi!” to both men before they left to fish.

In the early evening I went up to my studio again, but this time to watch a movie. Yahee! That is just what I wanted to do.

This afternoon, I had gone over my talk for leading in church tomorrow morning, checked the list I had typed and laminated for Kids Church, finished the books for the children at school and tidied everything up - washed, dried and put away – after Helen et famille left.

Time for movies now for me …

I had planned to bake some rusks ready for Paddy’s arrival on Monday, but my oven has turned its toes up! Not sure of the reason yet.

Ah-ha! Ken told me just now that Paddy will be arriving at the farm at about the same time as we leave church and get home tomorrow! Goody-goody gumdrops, but the sad thing is instead of leaving on Thursday he has to leave (because of his work) on Wednesday.

It is what it is!

What lesson did I learn today? Go with the flow.

What am I grateful for today? That I managed to get a lot done.

My saying for today is …

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