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Blog for Saturday 13th January 2024

I was up bright and early and I tiptoed around in the dark making my coffee and feeding Shamara, before heading up the creaking stairs to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

After my Quiet Time I decided that I must choose one of the courses I have and begin doing it TODAY! And so, I did.

I am doing the ‘Illustrating Children’s Books’ course, which I am hoping will help me illustrate my friend’s kiddies book. I am amazed as I have only done the first few lectures so far and there is so much to know about illustrating for children. I am sure I will love the course and look forward to completing it before starting the next one!

Shoo! I am going to be one busy lady I can see!

Paddy was up first and after having his coffee and dressing for the day he headed down to the bottom shed where he offloaded all the shelving et cetera they brought up last night.

Shame! Both Paddy and Matt’ – late last night – offloaded all this shelving et cetera off Robert and Mich’s ute (which they had borrowed to bring it all up to the farm,) and onto the farm’s ute’ before crossing the river, coming up here and getting into bed! I take my hat off to them both!

This morning Ken helped Paddy down at the bottom shed until Matt’ woke up and he took over from Ken.

Shoo! It is so hot for these guys working down there. I was inside with the fan blowing whilst I did all the ironing, so I was the lucky one. Yes, I did all of the ironing! W-e-l-l, I did a load of white washing this morning, so there are a few items of white that will need to be ironed later.

Ken was busy slashing the Large River Camp and then he came up to the top shed for lunch and his siesta. Our grass needs to be mown again already! With the heat, rain, heat and rain everything is going crazy and growing so fast – it is wonderful!

At about lunch time I brought my laptop downstairs as it was just too hot up in my studio today, and I wanted to do some of my course. As it was so hot Paddy and Matt’ had a quick swim before coming up to the top shed for lunch and we all rested in the afternoon for a while.

Look, even the guinea fowl were battling with the heat, poor things. Note:   Thogo (one of our cattle dogs, lying right alongside them too!  (And Thandi another cattle dog almost invisible here, is in the background, in the grass, laying alongside the bin.) All is fair in love and in the shade!

In the late afternoon Paddy and Matt’ began to work on the front right fence line in the ‘yards. Thank goodness (for them) they had already put in the strainer posts a while ago, so today they are beginning to attach the wooden planks to them. It will be so nice to have our ‘yards looking good.

Ken went off to slash some more – and hopefully he will slash down by the river crossing as friends of ours are coming out to have a picnic down there tomorrow.

No, that did not happen - instead Ken went down to the bottom shed to work on the spreader that he is repairing, as Paddy and Matt’ needed the tractor to do the work on the ‘yards.

Well, for our supper tonight we will have mashed potatoes, a large tossed mixed salad and dressing, a mushroom sauce with some thick delicious looking steaks. Paddy offered to braai them on the fire for me, but I will see as he has worked himself to a stand still today, and I can grill them myself in the oven or on the top of the stove. Easy-peasy.

What lesson did I learn today? On hot days like today, I must learn to pace myself wisely.

What am I grateful for today? The work Paddy and Matt’ did in the bottom shed – putting up more shelving in the bottom shed.

My saying for today is …

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