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Blog for Saturday 13th May 2023

A new day and another one when both Ken and Raafie are very happy to l eave me to get up (my choice) in the wee hours of the day while they remained tucked up in their toasty warm beds!

Actually, at two o’clock this morning Raafie woke me up, asking to go for a wee walk and bless him that is all he wanted. Afterwards he streaked back like a bolt of lightning straight back to his warm, fluffy bed!

“Thanks Raafie!” (Not) as it took me a while to drop off to sleep again, but he was sound asleep in seconds.

I did some tidying and swept and tidied my studio too, but I must admit that housework is a little hard with one puppy intent of being my constant shadow! Plus, he runs up the stairs to my studio, but then sits shaking with fear and trembling at the top and I have to carry him down again.

My cat, Shamara, has had her nose put out so severely, and her jealousy has become really ugly. She waits to corner my poor little mutt and then whacks him with her paws – claws out - and does not stop until I intervene. I run to Raafie’s aid from wherever I am when I hear his desperate squeals of terror, but Shamara is delighted if she can give him a few claw marks.

How ugly jealousy is.

Today I have gone over and over my lessons and talk, and pray that I am able to deliver them well and that they may they bless others.

I also spent time today reading my book and then I watched a movie in the late afternoon or rather, the early evening on Netflix. A real old fashioned Whodunnit. ‘Murder on the Homefront ‘.

We have waited the whole day for some rain, but only at five o’clock did we get a few drops. I hope it continues well into the night as we need some rain now to help the pastures grow.

Tonight, for our supper I am making fish and chips – an easy meal but it is the right meal for a miserable evening.

I think it will be another early to bed evening for us. A snug evening in bed reading, or Ken likes to do his Code Word Puzzles. Oh, to be tucked up in bed listening to the splish-splash of rain on our tin roof is such a lovely way to go to sleep.

But no, the rain stopped after a few drops had fallen.

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy and love my life.

What am I grateful for today? The rain we got – lots or little. I will only see how much or little in the morning.

My saying for today is …

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