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Blog for Saturday 14th January 2023

I was up nice and early this morning! Whoop-dee-doo-dee!

Shamara was absolutely delighted to have her meal early and let me know her appreciation by much ankle rubbing and soft purring.

I went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time, do some studying and later a little more transcribing.

When I went downstairs later, I did some ironing and put it away, and while I was doing that I put on loads of washing. I finished the ironing I had and put everything away, but then thought I would brave hanging my washing outside – something I have not done for ages as the dogs were ripping the washing off the line. Ken suggested then, that I keep an eye on the washing while it flapped outside, but my studio is on the other side of the shed, and I was not keen on running up and down the stairs to check on whether the washing was being mauled by the two youngest dogs!

Today I stepped out on the water and hung out three loads of washing Marvelous! It dried in absolutely no time at all, so I had to pull out the ironing board and iron once again and do a little more ironing.

At the very back of the shed thee is a large and very heavy work bench and I have wanted to clean it up as there is stuff there that I am sure was there when it stopped raining for Noah in the Ark! I got Ken to take the seven batteries off the table for me, and now I have a pile of stuff to work through. I shall just clean it all to get rid of the dust and dirt, as these are items that would give me great pleasure to throw out, but my man swears that they are all necessary and precious and have to stay! Hmmm, we will see.

I decided to halt doing that work bench hoo-hah sort out until Monday, as I received an email from out pastor asking me to send out an email to the congregation warning them of some scam hitting our church!

I find that once my pace of doing something is interrupted, I find it difficult to get back into the swing of things. This work bench clean-up and clean out is going to be a biggie, so that is why I have re-set my plan for doing that on Monday.

I have done ironing off and on today as the washing dried, so that is good. I am keeping almost up to date.

I changed the bed linen and a new towel for Paddy today and will do ours tomorrow. So, today has just been a lot of little things that I have done.

After lunch – just leftovers of savory mince on toast, followed by a light fruit cake slice with custard – we all went off to rest, read, watch a movie, read emails or whatever. I did some of my course and will go to sleep early tonight, I hope!

Today Paddy went out in the morning to check how the weeds were faring that he had sprayed the other day, and the lantana is on its way out apparently, which is good but the other weeds did not seem to be wilting … yet. Paddy also went out to the back of the farm to dig holes for strainer posts where another fence has to be repaired. Fencing being a never-ending job on the farm.

Ken f brought our cattle that were across the river, back home and into the Large River Camp. So once again we have this moving picture of red spots and dots moving on a background of brilliant green playing in the Large River Camp. I love having the cattle nearby where we can see them. later, he fed the bulls.

Ken, Paddy and I sat outside around the fire as the sun slid down the sky and into the place where unicorns and odd socks go!

Another lovely day ended!

What lesson did I learn today? To take pleasure in the small things in my day, for one day I will realize that they really were the big things!

What am I grateful for today? Each new day.

My saying for today is …

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