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Blog for Saturday 14th October 2023

I woke up early but then decided to sleep in until about five o’clock – what a wild woman!

I got up and slipped out (note: not popped!) of my bedroom, leaving Sheelagh still sleeping in hey are ‘Mich’ and Robert’s bedroom, and I made myself a coffee and had my Quiet Time and put up the remaining blogs that I had not been able to upload before today.

When Sheelagh woke up, we had some toast and coffee and then she went off to shower and get dressed while I finished working on my blog, and I unloaded and then loaded the dishwasher.

Sheelagh and I had a lovely slow morning just chatting and laughing together and Sheelagh brought her crocheting with her, as she is busy making a cot blanket for Ashley and Dave’s baby (when they have one.) Sheelagh is nothing if not prepared!

When I went to have my shower, Sheelagh got me to do a ‘parade’ of my new clothes to make sure that they all fitted me – and they do, absolutely perfectly … they were made for me! I feel like the best dressed woman living in the rural areas of Australia!

Just for fun and because Sheelagh ha never watched any of the SAS series, we watched a couple of episodes of SAS Australia to “Oh!” and “Ah!” over the incredible exercises these men and women had to complete.

For our lunch we had a bowl of this and that, which is a wonderful way to get rid of the leftovers in the fridge, served with salad stuff and cheese. It certainly filled any empty spots we may have had in our tummies.

Sheelagh decided to have a quick siesta and I tidied Kerry’ and James’ home, made myself another coffee and chomped on one of the delicious rusks from Woolworths that Sheelagh had brought.

Here is a nice photo of Sheelagh sitting on the verandah this morning …


Me and my little sister

It is just so wonderful to be with family – it seems as if there has been no distance in kilometres, time or emotional spaces between us. I am just loving having time over here with them all in South Africa.


Sheelagh and I minus our glasses

Just before Sheelagh went off to have a snap snooze, she brought out some gloves – produced by Sorbet called mani-care HAND MASK for moisturizing and softening with hyaluronic acid and shea butter. We put them on and about half an hour later removed them and you rub the excess cream on your neck, decolletage and face. The perfume was beautiful, and my hands felt so soft afterwards. What a lovely treat!

My niece, Shazzi, (real name Sharon) phoned to say she would arrive here at about five o’clock today and she will stayover with Sheelagh and me tonight. So, I am quite sure it will be such a fun time together.

I bought some pizzas the other day and that is what we will have for our supper tonight, served with a large salad, as I really just want time with family and not to be slaving away in the kitchen.

I spoke to Ken this morning and he said that he is missing me and when I suggested he make a worm of how many days left until I get home and stick it on the fridge, he burst out laughing and said that I do really come up with the craziest of ideas! So, I gather there will be no worm on the fridge! (I used to do that when I was at boarding school so that I could cross off each day as it ended, except my worm was in my locker not on a fridge.)

Shazzi arrived at just before five o’clock and what a lovely time the three of us had together – much talking, laughing, tears and heart sharing. AT eleven o’clock we decided it was time to retire to our respective beds and Shazzi insisted on washing the dishes for me – and she did an excellent job for me.

What lesson did I learn today? To savour every moment with family.

What am I grateful for today? The hand spoiling creams!

My saying for today is …

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