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Blog for Saturday 18th March 2023

A new day. A new ‘To Do List’ for today. Plus, new energy needed!

Today I will attack that mountain of creased, crinkled but dry clothing that needs ironing. I will find something I want to listen to as I do so, which makes the time whizz by, and all the ironing gets done happily!

After my Quiet Time et cetera I went downstairs, had shower and then did three hours of ironing, but I did not listen to any podcast because Ken was sleeping, as he was not feeling that crash hot today.

When Ken got up I continued what I had begun before he went to sleep – and that was, sorting out my cupboard again.

First, I began going through my clothes that were hanging up and chose what to give to St. Vinnies. There were some clothes that I jsut do not wear that often and someone out there may love to own them. So out they went.

Next, I sort my cupboard out as I like all my shirts, jerseys, ‘jamas and whatevers to be neatly stacked. Panties, vests and bras go into separate plastic containers which stack and look neat.

After I had everything neat and tidy in my cupboard, I then sorted out my jewellery – well, one can hardly call what I owe ‘jewellery’ as I go for effect, which means cheap, colorful, and something I enjoy and which compliments whatever I am wearing. I am not a person who craves the latest or the greatest in expensive jewellery – never have been, nor ever will be.

Yahee! Those were big things done and dusted and off my To Do List. Tomorrow after church I think I will attack the bathroom cupboard and my drawers in it too. Shoo! That will tax my patience somewhat!

Ken went out to the Pteridium Camp on the early afternoon and began to aerate that camp. It is long and boring, but work that has to be done so they – Paddy, Matt’ and Ken -can plant this season. Ken was out there for hours and hours, andalthough he did most of that camp there is still more to do.

I was going to start on the bathroom cupboard now, but it was already half past five, so I thought I had done enough for the day and went and sat outside. I love doing that at this time of the day, as outside our front door it is shady and normally there is a lovely breeze by then too. I sit out there and watch the guinea fowl who provide such great entertainment for me. Our crazy feathered friends!

What lesson did I learnt today? Do not wait until “you feel like doing it” just do it.

What am I grateful for today? Ironing done and one neat and tidy cupboard.

My saying for today is …

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