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Blog for Saturday 18th November 2023

Oh, I attempted to roll out of bed early this morning, but was almost pinned down by two heavy ‘lumps’ of fur lying on top of the duvet – Shamara (my feline) and Raafie (now spelt ‘Raffie’ on his brand, new collar disc.) My goodness gracious but they can be a weight to struggle out from under! But … I won, leaving three bodies still fast asleep in our bed – Ken, Raffie and Shamara!

Thank goodness I was feeling fine – no more nausea which was a blessing.

I had my Quiet Time and then read one of the Bible studybooks I am busy with.

Then it was time to do my housewifely tasks – sweep the fllors and mor them. Tidy the bathroom, but I did not get to cleaning the shower yet – maybe later. But as I pulled out the ironing board to straighten out the newly dried washing, a vehicle drove up to the top shed. It was Noah and his girlfriend, who are camping on the farm this weekend, and Jason, who had brought his two sons, plus one girlfriend up for the day to fish and swim here.

While Ken was talking to Noah, Jase sidled up to me and whispered, “Dad is bringing Ross up as a surprise for Ken later this morning. will Ken be here then?” I noded the affirmative and Jason smiled happily.

And truly as Jase had said, his Dad and a very old friend of Ken’s – Ross, arrived at the top shed to have morning tea with us and a good long chat. Ross has always been an avid collector of beautiful knives – pocket knives – and has, or had an incredible collection, but as his son does not want them he has begun to sell them off instead. Rather sad after years and years establishing his collection. Ross brought Ken a fantastic Leatheman knife today, just because Ross knows how much Ken loves knives too. So kind of him and Ken was simply delighted.

Jason came up and joined us later for a chat and then they all left at about half past twelve to have lunch down at the river and then they headed back home.

Now, just before they all arrived this morning I had a bowl of cereal. I filled up the glass containers with Weetbix, muesli and a gran cereal, and decided to have some of the muesli that was left in the bottom of the one glass bottle.

Foolish female! You know how allergic I am to pepitas/pumpkin seeds? W-e-l-l. the remains of this muesli of Ken’s – there were no pumpkin seeds in it visibly, but they must have been in the muesli originally, as I started feeling queasy while the men were here, and that slowly got worse and worse.

By the time they left I began to hurl my guts out yelling “Hello Louis!” into the porcelain toilet bowl in the bathroom! Six times running backwards and forwards until my stomach settled down.

I lay down on the couch, as lying flat on my back seems to help quell the nausea, where Raffie joined me, and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up suddenly as I heard vehicles – it was Noah bringing up his friend and girlfriend to meet us – they are also camping out at the back of the farm overnight and they had all just been swimming and enjoying the day. It is lovely to see people enjoy this beautiful farm.

Ken has had a slow day – enjoying his friends visit and snoozing.

In the late afternoon I went up to my studio to go over the lessons for Sunday(in case they are needed) and for school on Monday.

Raffie asleep on the one couch in my studio – covered with towels as my cat is shedding big time!

Ah yes! Luckily late this morning (and before I got really nauseous) I got out my beloved slow cooker and put on a chicken curry using my Mrs. Gorima’s curry powder and spices that brought back from South Africa with me.

That meant I only had to cook the rice and make the sambals later. Wonderful!

Paddy will be arriving tonight, btu late so will not have supper here, but will some on the way up to the farm for a bite to eat. This chicken curry I have made really for Sunday night as curry is always better on the second day.

Ken will choose to eat the remains of the cold pasta I made on Thursday. I will steer clear of food for the moment.

What lesson did I learn today? Not to touch muesli unless I know all the ingredients used in it.

What am I grateful for today? That there were no pepitas in the muesli and that it was just the smell, flavor or whatever of them having been in the muesli. I would be man down for 24hours if they had been in it!

My saying for today is …

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