Blog for Saturday 19th November 2022

Oh no! My body groaned when I opened my eyes this morning. It was five o’clock (which was annoying to think I had slept in once again,) plus, I had tossed and turned for much of last night. So, no I did not sleep well, thank you for asking, but it was what it was, and best I live with that.

Shamara escorted me out our bedroom and towards her bowl – she is a gifted guide! I fed her, then had my Quiet Time up in my little studio. And thus, my day began …

Ken was up nice and early this morning, and it looks as if the day is going to be beautiful but also beautifully hot!

Ken decided to have another day of complete rest and I decided that I would also have a quieter day than normal as it was going to be another snorter of a day. (Actually, any excuse to have a quiet day would have done here!)

That still meant I did the washing and ironing (to keep up to date), and I typed out the program for the Kids Christmas Story Presentation later this term, to give to each of the Kids Church teachers. I also typed out the words for Danyelle to read out for me as I do the hand actions (for the children to mimic my hand actions) of the whole of the Old Testament, before we get to the Christmas Story. Then I laminated them all. (No, not the people just the papers!)

I spent some time gazing at my little veggie patch trying to work out how on earth I can make it look somewhere near decent and neat. So far, I am not winning as Ken can see the reasons why this and that cannot be done! Now, that can be a little annoying as he is normally right!

I think I must try to be more creative in my thinking, that’s all!

In the late afternoon, just as the day was beginning to cool down a little, Ken mowed our grass again – much to my heart’s delight! In this heat I do not like the grass to be long because the reptiles that speak with forked tongue are apparently on the move.

Oh-er! Yikes! Just that thought is enough to make my skin crawl off my skeleton and puddle around my ankles!

What lesson did I learn today? To listen to my body and slow down when I am not feeling that kosher. I had some light tummy bug, so was not feeling that good all day.

What am I grateful for today? Today!

My saying for today is …

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.”

-James Dean.

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