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Blog for Saturday 20th January 2024

It is a “Happy-Happy Birthday Robert!” to one of our son-in-law’s today! We hope he enjoyed an evening with his surfing mates last night, breakfast out this morning and a meal out tonight!

Shame, my poor man! He never knows what is going to happen during the night …!

At just before three o’clock this morning I screamed (in my dream) and as loudly as I possibly could, causing my poor man to elevate and hover above our bed for a few seconds. Ken then said, after he had settled back into bed, that he thought my little dog was still on top of the cupboard with sheer fright! He was not, but that painted an extremely funny picture in my mind after the absolute terror I had just felt, and which had caused me to scream like I did! I then got the giggles, and in the end got up as I no longer could sleep, my heart was still racing with fear and those bubbles of giggles kept surfacing and popping! I could almost in my mind’s eye see Raafie on top of the cupboard still!

These dreams I have are horrific and leave me shaken – not to mention my husband and one poor little dog!

So, at ten to three this morning my new day began as I made my coffee, fed my feline, and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

Later, I put on a couple of loads of washing then finished off cleaning the windows, (where I did the blinds yesterday. Shoo! I worked up a serious sweat doing that I can tell you as it was sweltering outside!)

I came inside and did a little bit of ironing and then showered and got dressed.

Enough of sweating! I sat down up in my studio, with all four fans on full blast and did some Bible studying instead.

We have a friend bringing a guest to visit us on Monday so I do need to sweep, clean, mop, oil and dust, but … later when it will be cooler. Now, this heat kills any motivation to do housework. (Yes, I know it does not take much to do that!) But I will be good and finish tidying later.

Which I did!

Ah-ha! Our friend phoned later today to say that they will only be coming out on Tuesday now and not on Monday as originally planned, but that will be fine.

Ken mowed our grass late this afternoon and it is wonderful not to have to fight my way to the washing line through long grass. Ken even mowed in the chook enclosure, and they were absolutely delighted as it was far easier for them to spot a worm or bug in the mowed grass.

The first cut of the grass … you can see how long the grass was!

I sat outside watching the day slide down the sky and disappear behind the distant hills.

Today had been another lovely day in my life.

What lesson did I learn today? To remember it is often the little things, the ordinary things in life that turn out to be the big and important things after all

What am I grateful for today? To Ken for mowing our grass.

My saying for today is …

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