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Blog for Saturday 20th May 2023

Shoo! It is harder and harder to whip out of bed as it is decidedly nippy in the wee hours of every morning now days.

This morning it was only 3̊ C outside and 6̊ C inside, so I very quickly lit the fire to get our home cozy. No, no I lie!

I did not light the fire straight away as there was not enough wood to allow the fire to burn for several hours before anyone woke up.

So, I went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time and used the little heater I have on my desk to keep warm, and only later on did I got down and light the fire.

Paddy was the first in the family to get up. the rest remained under their bedclothes for as long as they possibly could! Wise family!

Again, Raafie slept in our bed and he is so nice and warm that even he battles to get up each morning now!

For breakfast, seeing it was a crispy cold morning, I made poached eggs, toast, cheese sauce and bacon – which disappeared at an alarming rate down the gullets of our family! G-r-e-a-t! Everyone charged for the day … ready to work.

Paddy sorted the tractor out and got the fencing equipment together, while Tamryn, Matt’ and Ash’ walked down to inspect the silos that Tamryn is wanting to renovate and create her home-from-home here on the farm in. Matt’ was unimpressed as he reckoned it would demand a LOT of work, and I think he was seeing the very high likelihood of his being roped in with this renovation work!

While everyone was out – (Ken had joined Paddy and Matt’) – I sorted the kitchen out and prepared the salads et cetera for lunch for toasties and wraps later.

When Tamryn and Ash’ got back the three of us sat down to solving one of those murder mystery games, which took us up to almost lunch time! It was a really, good exercise for the brain, memory and recalling all the details. It was such fun!

After lunch everyone either went for a walk, read their book, had a snooze – just chilled, and I worked on my next SRE lessons for school with Raafie on my lap.

I then went outside and sat in the sunshine watching the dogs play happily together while I read my book. What a life!

Tonight, Tamryn and Ash’ have offered to make supper for us – a lovely chicken curry. I feel so decadent – not having to cook supper myself! Shoo! I think I could get used to this! Spoilt grandmother that I am.

As the day began to slide down the sky, Paddy and Matt’ lit a huge fire outside so that we could sit out there but keep warm at the same time. There is something magical about an outside campfire, and everyone out there gets sprinkled with it. I think it is called undiluted family time.

I saw that magic happen tonight… because Paddy was eventually persuaded by Tamryn to play the “Telestrations” game with us! He only played the one round but … hey, he played and that was magic in action! It was a fun time.

The curry that Tamryn and Ash’ made for us was delicious and soon disappeared and it looked as if most people had licked their plates!

As we are all to get going fairly early in the morning for a day of cattle work - we were all IN BED by six o’clock! Now, that is a record!

What lesson did I learnt today? Every day I thank God for our special family.

What am I grateful for today? The magic of a campfire ringed by family.

My saying for today is …

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