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Blog for Saturday 21st January 2023

Last night I went to bed early as I was still not feeling one hundred percent after eating that stupid hot dog when we were in town on Thursday. (Well, what on earth were you eating a hotdog for, Gail Morgan?) There are consequences for every choice we make in life!

Although I went to bed early, I still battled to fall asleep as tired as I was. Eventually I slid into the world of Snort, Snore and Sleep. Wonderful!

As a result of all that I only woke up at six o’clock this morning and as I walked out our bedroom, a pair of rather sharp eyes outside espied me. Yes, it was dear ole JAB9113 – our cow addicted to bread! She watches the shed intently, and if she sees me, she will come up to the glass front door or one of the windows and stand for ages gazing in, demanding my attention and slices of bread in my hand!

I mean how could I deny her?

This morning I did all the ironing – bar Paddy’s - as he whips his dry washing away before I can stroke it with my hot little iron! He reckons that if he jumps around enough all the wrinkles smooth out anyway, so no need for ironing!

Shoo! We could all see that today was going to be really hot – like a sauna after the rain we had yesterday. Hey! We had 13mm of rain – how good is that? That rain plus a burning hot sun guaranteed a really hot day, even with the breeze. So, we all decided to work indoors and see what it was like later in the afternoon.

I have been rather naughty, in that I have been meaning to make a birthday card (for over a month now) and have been putting it off, but … today I ‘took the bull by the horns’, (or the water color paints out), and made the card for a very good friend of mine.

That was good fun. Quick to do, so I have no idea why I delayed making it for so long.

In the afternoon I did some transcribing of one of my courses online, and then read my book for a bit before going downstairs again to create our evening meal.

Tonight, I think we can have a cold meal – cold meats – ham, chicken, and salami served with mashed potato, beetroot, baked beans, cold hard boiled eggs and a salad. Quick and nice for such a hot day.

Again I was in bed early as I think Paddy was too. Ken followed later.

What lesson did I learn today? That it is okay to slow down on some days, as long as it is not a permanent daily decision!

What am I grateful for today? The fun of making a card for my friend.

My saying for today is …

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