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Blog for Saturday 21st October 2023

I had a wonderful sleep last night and the animals. birds, creepy crawlies and the like were quiet in the bush last night, and no snake was seen slithering about for that, I am deeply grateful!

I was up this morning at about twenty to five and spent time sorting out and packing because we leave tomorrow. I honestly do not know where all the time has gone! It has just flown, and I will be sad leaving our family in South Africa, but I am so grateful to Paddy, our son for the time I have been able to spend with Kerry’ et famille here.

After breakfast Kerry’, Robert, Mich’ and mwah went to the Umhlali Markets and what an incredible place that was. So interesting and enormous, well set out and little booths of everything you could think of. We had fun strolling around admiring all the wares and we also had an early lunch there. Robert had a boerewors roll, Kerry’ had a taco and Mich’ and I had jaffles – all very yummy.

I saw this sign at the markets and loved it!

After we had finished going around the market Robert drove us to Sheffield Beach to see Villa Royale – the place Ken and I lived before leaving South Africa. It has changed a little as it has been painted a different color and the balconies modernized, and a swimming pool put in too. Very nice.

I must admit that looking at our old home was a strange feeling, but I was not sad, just observing a building where we once lived.

When we got back home to Kerry’ and James’ place we all had a lie down or read a book – resting for the big rugby match tonight.

After that Mich’ put on a chicken curry under Kerry’s guidance so that when we get back to Australia, she will be able to make curries easily. I just made a chocolate sauce using Bar Ones and cream to go with the vanilla ice cream.

Kerry’ and Mich’ creating the chicken curry!

When James, Mich’ and Robert went for a walk with the dogs through the bush Kerry’ and I sat outside and chatted.

In the early evening we had several storms go banging and crashing over us with lots of lightning flickering about – a sound I really love and just hope we will soon hear it on the farm when I get back home.

In the afternoon we watched the England versus South African cricket, and we were beyond delighted at winning that after trouncing the English team. We were hoping that was an omen and that South Africa would continue their winning streak in the rugby tonight also against England.

The rugby match started at nine o’clock in the evening here in South Africa but it was only a few minutes into the game that it looked as if England was going to lambaste South Africa, but … never say die! It was in the last five minutes that ‘die bokke’ managed to score a try and convert it resulting in them to winning by one point!

What elation! What happiness! What sheer joy!

What a wonderful way to end our holiday with James and Kerry’!

What lesson did I learn today? Never give up.

What am I grateful for today? The incredible time I have had with family here in South Africa.

My saying for today is …

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