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Blog for Saturday 24th December 2022

I only got out of bed at five o’clock this morning, but not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse as Robert and Nev’ had cancelled their early morning surf today.

I tiptoed out and into the study where I had my Quiet Time and then waited for the household to slowly wake up and begin to move!

Yahee! It is the day before Christmas already!

Once everyone was awake then there was a flurry of action a-happening. Mich’ and Robert had a whole lot of shopping to do, so they worked on their lists and where to head to first, Ken got himself ready and went off to Erina Fair where Paddy was working in the vet clinic there, and I put the finishing touches to the trifle I made.

Next, I peeled thirty potatoes and put them in cold water to be cooked later in the day for the barbeque. Mich’ and Robert had asked those in the family who were able to come over – there were fourteen of us.

For the rest of the morning, I wrapped up gifts, had my shower and got dressed.

Ken arrived back here at lunchtime and he headed for our bed to have his siesta. Mich’ and Robert arrived about ten minutes later laden with their purchases!

For the next few hours, I helped Mich’ wrap gifts and Robert worked outside cleaning up the garden before everyone arrived.

At three o’clock Robert had to go out and do a few things at the shops so he dropped me off at my sister’s place. Which was so nice for me as I had not seen that little home (one of Mich’ and Robert’s properties) since they had done more renovations on it.

Dee, my sister made us some lovely fresh, soft rolls with salad and ham, and we sat and “chewed the fat” for an hour or so, and then Robert fetched me.

Once back here, I cooked the potatoes to make large garlic potato salad for the barbeque.

Then we were all stations go-go-go!

At half past six the family arrived! Ah! There is no one and nothing like family to me. They honestly make my life!

We had a lovely evening sitting outside chatting, laughing and catching up on all our news with one another. It was a lovely relaxed and happy evening well spent.

Robert and Nev’ did a splendid job cooking the meat to perfection.

Poor Josh’ flew in from Bali this morning and later his friend had to back out from giving Josh’ a lift to the Central Coast, so Josh’ had to come home by train. Poor guy had ‘Bali belly’ so was not feeling good at all. Mich’ put him to bed in their bed. Gave him medicine, turned the fan on, and that was Josh’ for the night. Not the ideal way to spend Christmas Eve, but … at least he was with us.

It was not a late night, I think I crawled into bed at about half past ten and was soon fast asleep.

What lesson did I learn today? Actually I am not sure I learnt anything today as I was too busy!

What am I grateful for today? Our family!

My saying for today is …

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