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Blog for Saturday 27th January 2024

A new day dawned, and it felt a lot cooler initially – mugg1y, but definitely cooler.

I flopped out of bed at five past five – yes, the result of staying up too late last night. Not that I do that often, but I got hooked into the series I was watching and watched and watched and watched until my eyes slammed shut!

I had my Quiet Time up in my studio and there were a few rain drops during that time of the morning, but it only measured 1mm.

Later I went downstairs, and Paddy and I had a coffee and some rusks – still warm from the oven.

After that I hopped into the shower and got myself dressed to go into town.

I wanted to go to The Holy Cow – our butchery - in particular, and the IGA and to pick up a few little bits and pieces to send with my sister Dee to take to our sister Sheelagh in South Africa when Dee flies out there in a couple of weeks.

Well, my drive into town was wonderful as there were no vehicles on the road at all, but Wauchope itself made up for that as it was teeming with visitors, bodies and cars here there and everywhere!

But much to my dismay, the butchery was shut! Rats! I then had to go to Plan B, ne?

I whizzed around in the IGA and then into town itself to get something for my sister, before turning around and heading back home.

Shame, when I got back home Paddy came to meet me at the Highway gate and to open and shut it for me as Ken was not feeling at all well and had put himself to bed. Just an upset tummy and a bit of nausea, poor guy.

Not long after I got back home I unpacked the groceries and then Simon, one of the guys camping here swung by the top shed to say that they had decided to go back home a day early as it looked as if the rain may set in and it would be hard to pack up tomorrow if it was still raining in the morning– wet tents and all that.

Simon made a good decision, because not long after I had waved them off with a fond farewell, the heavens opened, and the rain poured down. I went out at a quarter to four and we had already had about 30mm of rain!

In the afternoon Ken was fast asleep, Paddy worked on farming spreadsheets on cattle movement on the farm, when to dose or vaccinate them, what tasks are to be done in which months and what, when and that sort of thing. Paddy is very good at organizing that sort of thing and we need that desperately here on the farm.

I watched one episode of my series on Netflix and then with incredible will power I continued to unpick my swimming costume. Shoo! Talk about a lesson in patience! I should have earned an equivalent of a degree in patience by the time I have finished doing this unpicking!

In the main shed area, poor Paddy was left scratching his head trying to balance what he had as his cattle records with my cattle records, as I have managed to have a cow die twice – on different years, and wonderfully imaginative things like that! You can tell that I am arty and can run off with the pixies every now and again, can you not! It was a lesson of learning intense patience for Paddy, I fear!

While I was unpicking my costume, Raafie came to snuggle near me as he was frightened of the storm – the lightning and the thunder gives him the abwab’s for sure. He made himself really, comfortable too!

He made a little nest in the white cushions on the couch!


Okay tonight we are going to have a meal – grilled steak, with pepper sauce, mashed potatoes, butternut, peas and corn. Hopefully Ken will be feeling a little better by then and will enjoy a meal.

Yes! We ate the meal at last, but Ken abstained, he chose to just have yoghurt instead.

What lesson did I learn today? That I am not a gifted cattle recorder, but I will die trying!

What am I grateful for today? All the beautiful rain.

My saying for today is …

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