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Blog for Saturday 2nd September 2023

“Happy-Happy Birthday Tyra’ – Granddad and I wish you everything of the very best, and hope that all your wedding plans are rolling out smoothly darling. I am so looking forward to seeing you soon. Enjoy your birthday today in great style!”

Oh! I had such a lovely sleep last night. You know those mornings when you wake up just feeling really good? Yes, I had one like that this morning. What a great way to wake up!

Paddy went out early this morning to continue fencing at the back of the farm, where he pushed over some saplings that were growing on the fence line and where the cattle were sneaking around. These bovines are not stupid!

Ken fed the bulls and then waited for the twenty-one bales of lucerne to be delivered. Unfortunately, the truck was far too heavy to get across our river crossing without getting bogged down, so Ken will have to make twenty-one trips across the river and back to move the bales onto our farm – one bale at a time on the forks of the tractor! That will keep my man busy for a while, and ‘tis an excellent lesson in patience!

Shelayne (our middle daughter) phoned us from Seattle, USA for a chat and to wish Ken “Happy Father’s Day” for tomorrow as they will be sailing over the long weekend there, and the comms are unreliable on the water.

I cannot believe that our second to youngest grandchild is now in matric (or HSC here in Australia). I can almost hear the clock ticking in the background in an unrelenting fashion.

Sinead, our granddaughter is the one in the middle with her two best friends

I love the idea that this school has for those in matric/HSC. Each child is given a pair of white overalls, which they then decorate in the school’s colors – white and purple. These overalls they wear to any school function like a rugby, football, gridiron or whatever match, or any matric/HSC event at school. I think it is a quaint idea and creates unity in that their final year of school, for sure.

In the morning I did a quick how’s-your-Dad sort of tidy of our home, then worked on the lessons I will be teaching – in Kids Church tomorrow and for SRE at school on Monday – then I did some ironing.

For supper tonight we will be having a home roasted chicken (not one of our chooks – heaven forbid!) roast potatoes, butternut, cauliflower cheese and peas and gravy. Followed by slices of milk tart for those who want some.

In the afternoon Ken. Paddy, Tamryn and Raafie all had a lie down to read, watch something on a laptop, i-pad, i-phone or to have a sleep. I had more requests to alter the next Church Duty Roster, but I think that is enough now as I have had to move so many people around, I think there will be more calls for changes. I think I must announce on Sunday (tomorrow) that I am not making any further changes, if anyone is unable to do their duty they must contact someone to swop with, as this is becoming a nightmare to sort out!

Today has been another beautiful day with sunshine spilling over everything outside and no pumping winds. It would be even nicer if in the evening we could have some rain!

In the afternoon I also worked on that dress that I began to alter the other day and am now a few steps closer to finishing it.

Paddy made a nice big fire outside for the four of us to sit around and chat while filling in time before supper. Such a beautiful way to end the day. “Thanks Paddy!”

What lesson did I learn today? Head down, rear end up, and to get going doing what I have to do on my To Do List!

What am I grateful for today? Having Paddy and Tamryn with us on the farm.

My saying for today is …

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