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Blog for Saturday 30th December 2023

Tamryn took herself across the river in the ute’ at three this morning and left it there for either Paddy or Ken to fetch later today. Paddy kept checking on how she was travelling, and she did well, stopping in Ballina for a snap snooze before continuing her journey.

I only rolled out of bed at ten past five this morning! Oh dear! Best you get yourself together Gail Morgan, this late rising is not good, girl!

I fed Shamara, got myself a glass of water and went up to my studio to have my Quiet Time, after which I normally upload my blog, but … as we had that power outage last night – kind compliments of the storm – my laptop was off so as I got up to my studio, I turned it on again.

Oh, dearie me! Then the ‘fight’ began! My laptop would not boot up no matter what I did. I was beginning to worry that it had died, as it is getting a little older, but I was determined to get it working somehow – anyhow!

It took me over an hour and one heck of a lot of patience, but eventually I got it to boot up again and all was, once more, well in my world!

I had planned to sort out all the bottles, tins and blah-blah-blah fish paste this morning down at the bottom shed, but as I had heaps and heaps of ironing to do, so I began with that first and then later in the afternoon I could start on the bottles et cetera.

In the morning, Paddy went down to the bottom shed to continue putting up the shelving and Ken joined him there a bit later. I attacked the ironing and kept going for just over three hours. But … it is all done … for the moment!

Shoo! The heat just kept on getting hotter and hotter and by lunch time all three of us felt melted! I had honestly planned on helping to sort out cans, tins, bottles and the like but that thought, or plan dissolved in the heat.

None of had lunch as it was just too hot to eat. All three of us retired to watch something on an i-pad or read a book or sleep.

In the late afternoon a couple of storms passed overhead but we got no rain, except for the last cluster of smaller storms, in which we got 5.5mm of rain.

Shame, poor Paddy, had just set out to do a spot of fishing when the heavens opened! A while later he came home looking slightly bedraggled, but he had enjoyed the time out fishing anyway.

For our evening meal I cooked rissoles, mashed potato and peas – just something light and I also had some truffle sauce to go with it for those that were that way inclined, or good old tomato sauce or BBQ sauce.

Tonight, I think I will retire early and watch a movie in bed.

I did, but did not watch for long!

What lesson did I learn today? To be determined and get things done – like ironing!

What am I grateful for today? The rain we got.

My saying for today is …

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