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Blog for Saturday 31st December 2022

Well, here we are already – the last day of 2022! I must admit that 2022 has not been an easy year for us, so we are looking forward to this New Year and what it holds for us and those we love.

I was up at four thirty this morning, but no more rain unfortunately – we only had another 5mm yesterday but … hey, each little drop counts!

I did masses of washing today as I want Paddy and Matt’s bedlinen clean and ironed before they get here in a few days. So, I need to up my game a bit! I have taken a day or two off to “play” and now it is down to hard work Gail Morgan.

Each and every room in our shed needs a thorough spring cleaning, so that is something I will begin to do soon as the men are going to be busy outside, so I can put my head down and rear end pointed skyward and do some serious de-cluttering and cleaning of our home again!

Where does all this “stuff” come from I wonder?

Today I began a spring cleaning in my studio. I removed all the books off the two shelves above my one desk (yes, I have two – how decadent is that?) and dusted and cleaned each book. I also decided that there were a couple of the books on those shelves that can go to a used books shop, or St. Vinnies or somewhere as I have read them and will not read them again!

I moved the one couch (yes, I have two!) and swept and cleaned all around it, wiping the framed calligraphic piece I have on an easel behind said couch, and I washed the cushions on that couch too.

I took out all my water color paraphernalia and sorted that out plus my brushes and ordered a little metal container for the odd water color half pans I have rattling around loose in my art box. Yes, even my art box is beginning to look organized, clean and neat!

Shoo! I am beginning to frighten myself!

I sorted out my SRE books, manuals, games and things for teaching at school, into an empty plastic container, to have everything at my fingertips when I need it. I would like to begin 2023 highly organized and neat! I am going to do my level best anyway!

I am no way near halfway through sorting my studio out as I do not play when I decide to do a serious clean up. What I have done so far is looking cleaner and neater, which makes my heart sing!

I noticed that there were three vehicles down at our river crossing with a lot of people and children swimming down there. I assume it was the Hollis family with friends. They normally let us know if they are coming across, but … whatever… it is a busy time of the year and people are distracted and busy-busy-busy.

I did not go down as I was involved in working in my studio and Ken was resting for most of today. Whoever it was, they looked as if they had fun and that is the main thing.

I had sort of hoped that Ken would mow our grass today, but … how foolish of me!

Next year then?

Ken does not like celebrating New Year, so I will probably just watch a movie and crash when I am tired, as I have to send out Tony’s sermon via email early in the morning, for those in our congregation who may be away – and that has to be done before we leave the farm to attend the church service in Wauchope.

I am still busy writing out my Grocery List and what else we need at the other shops. We will have to do our shopping on Monday before Paddy and Matt’ arrive on the farm, so that gives me another day to finish my list.

After the heat of the day – and Hoo-boy! It did get hot, but now there is a nice cool wind blowing in the early evening. A lovely way to see the New Year in with!

After unpacking the dishwasher, I had a lovely hot shower and decided that was enough work for the day! Now, time to kick back and welcome in the New Year.

Ken was watching some sport on TV downstairs ,so I began to watch “The Shiralee” on my laptop in my studio. It comes in two parts and is reminiscent of “The Thornbirds” with Bryan Brown acting as the main character. in this movie too.

I was tired so I curled up into bed at ten o’clock and Ken came to bed then too. We both were soon fast asleep as the New Year began a few hours later.

What lesson did I learn today? To start my spring cleaning and not be daunted by how much work lies ahead for me!

What am I grateful for today? I loved sorting out my art box most of all!

My saying for today is …

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