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Blog for Saturday 3rd February 2024

The new day arrived swaddled in layers of soft grey fog. I love the gentle way a day can arrive so quietly, yet every day is a new gift for each of us. Enjoy them!

We only had 1mm of rain overnight.

After my Quiet Time this morning I did more sorting out of emails – over 80 arrived during the night! Rats! It really s such a pain to have to ‘Unsubscribe’ from something I never subscribed to in the beginning anyway! But … I am hoping that these lessons in patience are paying off!

My next task was to tackle all the ironing. A huge basketful of wrinkled clothing glared at me and there was no leopard crawling passed it! I had to do it.

Well, that is when I so bless my audible books on my i-phone. I pick one that I know will keep me riveted and that makes the whole ironing ordeal go quickly and pleasantly.

Today I think I will make some sandwiches for church tomorrow and freeze them. Tomorrow morning, I will bake the mini pies, and sausage rolls. I have a selection of sweet biscuits and if I have time later today, I will endeavour to bake a gluten free something. I also have some gluten free biscuits that I will serve with cream cheese, and I also have some dips.

We stopped serving eats (we serve individually wrapped biscuits instead) during teatime in church when COVID was rampant, but honestly, I think a little celebration every now and again is good to do.

I tried my hand at baking a gluten free cake – a lemon-almond cake. It looks as if it has turned out okay, but I have no idea what it will taste like. I sprinkled some almond flakes on top and then sprinkled sieved icing sugar over that, so it looks nice.

I really need Ken to balance my stove as everything I bake comes out lopsided as the shed is not level (nowhere near level!) – it sort of runs downhill which is very evident in my baking results! So, when I bake my sponge cake – which is in two layers, I twist them around to balance them on top of each other, so that I eventually get the cake to look even!

You know the saying - ’n boer maak ‘n plan’ - (Afrikaans for ‘a farmer makes a plan’- well, it is something his wife does as well!)

As I took my cake out the oven Ken called to me to help him out in the ‘yards. A young bull calf had a horrible eye infection and Ken needed to medicate it for that, plus there were some old weaners still with their nose rings in, and he wanted to take them off.

Therefore, the two of us ole dears toddled out to said ‘yards and did what had to be done, and then let all the cattle go off again. It was a one-two-three exercise and was soon done. No need for trauma counselling today!

Once back inside Ken went off to have his siesta a bit earlier than normal and I boiled eggs for the sarmies for church tomorrow. I made egg and also ham sarmies.

Yahee! Well at least I have done all the ironing today – marvelous!

In the late afternoon Ken mowed our grass again - my good man, and I then whipper snipped around the shed, which made me feel so much safer. The reptiles will have to look at me from afar now as they can no longer sneak up on me in the long grass!

Oh no! You know what happened to me in the long, dark hours of tonight? A bug or little midge few into my ear which woke me up. No honestly that is exactly what happened! I could not get the wretched little insect out, and there was such a loud buzzing going on in my ear. I got up and trotted at speed to the bathroom where I managed to shake the little bug out just before I set my plan to drown it with a few drops of water in motion. R-r-r-really, what next! There I was just sleeping …

LIFE in capital letters!

What lesson did I learn today? Set a goal – no matter big or small.  Plan the baby steps to achieve it. Next, start taking those little steps towards the goal. You will get there!

What am I grateful for today? A cooler day with the odd drift of fog.

My saying for today is …

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