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Blog for Saturday 4th March 2023

Oh dear! I only rolled out of bed at twenty past five! What a lazy lump of lard I am – I am! But such a happy lazy, lump of lard! It was so good to grab that extra time in bed this morning and I enjoyed every minute of it!

Oh no! Mich’ leaves the farm today to return home. Where has all that time gone?

Schoeff! And the time disappeared. It has been simply delightful to have her here with us, and for all the chitter-chattering, the laughter – those belly shaking, eye scrunching, breath sucking moments of extreme and incredibly painful moments of laughter! Yes, Mich’ and I have the same sense of humour so we keep each other amused for hours on end!

Mich’ had morning coffee with us this morning, but preferred to stop on the road halfway to break her journey to have something to eat. She left the farm and us at about nine o’clock this morning, I watched Ken take her across the river to her vehicle as it began to drizzle very softly for a short while as I did so.

When Ken got back home I had already begun to clean, sweep, mop and dust, trying to get our home ready for the arrival of my sister tomorrow.

I also worked on the calendar of who was where on what days for when our family flyout to celebrate Ken’s 80th in April. We are trying to spend as much time as is possible with each other before they have to fly back to their respective homes and countries again. It is a little like patting your head and rubbing your tummy at the same time, trying to organize this! But … by George, I think I have done it!

Mich’ phoned me during her journey back home and I told her what I thought would work and she was in agreement, so how wonderful, we can now all look forward to the days we can be together. Yahee!

Ken had another quiet day, and I was pleased with the progress I made in cleaning our home quickly. I did washing, organized my sister’s stay, worked on menus for while she is with us, and went over my Sunday School lesson again.

The Bible Society sent me some beautiful bookmarks for the children to use in their school Bibles, so this morning I wrote out their names and glued them onto a bookmark for each of them. I know they will love them.

I also ordered and have now received some scratch boards for the children at school and cannot wait to use them. Again, I know the kids will love using them. It is always such fun to introduce something completely new to them. I love to see the wonder in their excited eyes as I do so. It brings them and me great joy.

Mich’ brought us a beautiful cream ceramic water filter container, and I am now drinking as much water as I can as I know that is healthy for me, but I have always been a lazy water drinker and not that excited about our unfiltered tank water. Now … I have no excuse not to drink water!

I hung my washing out late this afternoon, but there was a nice stiff breeze blowing so it was soon dry.

Tonight, Ken and I will have a cold meal of cooked chicken, hard boiled eggs, baked beans, beetroot, hot potatoes with cream cheese, and a tossed salad. We may follow that with peaches and custard. We did not.

Ken went out to feed the bulls and to check on the cattle at the back of the farm in the late afternoon. But …

Just as he was about to leave he shouted out to me that we had another …yes, can you believe it … wretched, slithering reptile – another juvenile eastern brown snake INSIDE our home again. That means a nest of eggs in or somewhere very close! NOT making me happy, let me tell you as I have a strong dislike of these slithering creatures - especially when they invade my home.

What lesson did I learn today? There is no substitution for paying attention! Especially with all the snakes out and about now.

What am I grateful for today? The time I got to spend with Mich’ here.

My saying for today is …

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