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Blog for Saturday 4th May 2024

I shot out of bed at twenty past three this morning – yep, and I was all bright and breezy too! Must be something rather odd about me I reckon, as no one I know does that!

My cat, Shamara, was fast asleep upstairs in my studio, so I had maybe two minutes of silence before she realized that I was awake, and she quickly reminded me that her stomach was empty and in dire need of sustenance!

There was no rain overnight, but we are expecting some later today. It looks as if we may be in for a really, soggy evening, but we mind not a scrap as we do not have to go out and we are snug and warm and dry inside here.

Today has been one of those crazy-busy days for me. In fact, so much so that I forgot my cottage pie in the oven and the result was a black and rather charcoaled meal! Beyond repair! Oh dear! That could also be a result of old age, but I am not admitting to that one!

This morning, I entered all the fam invoices/receipts for the month of April. Shoo! Seems crazy that we are already in the fifth month of 2024.

I also waved a fond farewell to my man as he bounced, banged, and splashed across the river on his way to the Wauchope Cattle Sale ‘Yards to see how our four steers went in the sale.

Ken was disappointed as for some unknown reason, our Bonsmara breed of cattle are just not accepted here in this area. They are a brilliant breed for Australia and one we chose to bless Australia with and to say, “Thank you Australia!” for accepting us, a family, as citizens.  

The two Angus (black) steers (a F1 cross with Bonsmara) got the highest price. (Honestly, when the skin is off how do you know that it is a black animal?) The Charolais (F1 cross with Bonsmara) got the next highest price and the large pure Bonsmara steer got the lowest price of the four of our steers.  Shame, Ken was so disappointed. But … it goes like that, and we move on and smile and wave, smile and wave.

I also worked on the Kids Church lesson for tomorrow and am looking forward to teaching it – plus, I have some lovely handwork things for the children to do.

I glanced at my SRE lessons for later in the week, but I spent most of today beginning to think, plan, create the drawings of little animals in my friend’s children’s book. I am not really a drawer of animals, so it will take me a while to decide exactly how I want to sketch these little characters out.

I am, at the moment, having thoughts, dreams and visions of little animals crowding my head, jostling for a place, and waiting for me to suddenly see their characters in the story and be able to reproduce them for the children who will read this book.

Today I have felt flat, and tired. I think maybe the backwash of Cheryl’s funeral yesterday? Although I am delighted for her, I am sad for us left behind. Just a hollow sort of feeling plus it is pouring with rain, everything is wet, muddy and slippery. And … it is cold.  I do not do cold well!

What lesson did I learn today? Decide what has to be done and do it.

What am I grateful for today? A busy but quiet day.

My saying for today is …

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