Blog for Saturday 5th November 2022

When I get to heaven, I will ask Mum and Dad if that happened to me!

I could hear this loud raucous ringing that would not stop. Suddenly I realized it was my alarm clock, so with one well aimed whack I silenced the din. I then stuck my nose out from under the duvet, yikes, it was nippy, so I snuggled down and decided that I needed to remain warm and sleep for a little longer!

But … only for a few extra minutes as I was out of bed at ten past four.

Seriously, what is wrong with our weather? This cold in November is just pure craziness! Then one minute it is cold and the next the sun comes out blazing! Crazy stuff.

This morning I attacked the mounds of ironing but did not listen to my audio book while doing so as I had planned, as Ken was still fast asleep and that would have woken him. Instead, I put my head down and ironed, and ironed and ironed until it was almost all done. There are still a few items in the drier but those I will do another day. I spent over three and a half hours doing the ironing today and that was enough time on that.

I then went up to my studio again to work on my scripture lessons for school on Monday. While I was busy doing that, Ken cut our grass – hallelujah! It looks so lovely now, but I am sad that it could not have looked this way when my sisters (especially the one from South Africa as she does not get here often) were up on the farm, But … it is what it is and there is no good wasting any time or thought on that!

Yahee! The six of us good friends (the other couple which would make our group a group of eight, are away at the moment) are meeting at the Wauchope Country Club for lunch together and to catch up as we have not got together for ages. I am looking forward to much chitter-chattering happening tomorrow.

I will spend most of the afternoon working on object talks or games or lesson presentations for Monday at school and I am sure it would involve printing too. Baby steps and I will get it all done before going into town tomorrow for church, and I am on duty in kids church, then lunch out with our friends.


For lunch today we had toasted sandwiches of tomato, onion and grated cheese, followed by a crème caramel. Yummy!

Ken had his siesta and I worked on my scripture lessons for the children. I took a few minutes break and read my book for one chapter and then continued my lesson preparations.

In the early evening I watched the last episode of the series I have been watching and then headed for bed. I was soon fast asleep, but then at about nine o’ clock my sister phoned and seeing I had missed her call, I phoned her back. We had a quick chat and then I simply could not go back to sleep!

It took me a long, long time to go back to sleep, about another two and a half hours. Why on earth does my body do that? I was not one happy chick!

What lesson did I learn today? To keep on going until I reach my goal.

What am I grateful for today? That Ken mowed our grass and it is looking neat, cared for and lovely.

My saying for today is …

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