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Blog for Saturday 6th January 2024

Shoo! I had another broken sleep night last night due to no fault of my man. But, if I have been asleep for a short while and Ken comes to bed a little later, and I wake up- then my body says, ’Okay dearie! You have had enough sleep, up you get!’

That was last night’s story!

So, I got up and went up to my studio and did some studying for an hour and a half, and when I began to feel a little sleepy – back to bed I went!

This morning little Raafie was like my own personal shadow – he followed me everywhere. I took this photo of the little guy loving his lamb, a soft toy.

Raafie loves this little lamb, check his paws around it!

After my Quiet Time I went downstairs, tidied, swept and mopped the floors, and also swept in the main area of the shed.

At about ten o’clock Steve (a good friend of ours from church) arrived with his son and two grandsons plus a lovely Swiss Roll for morning tea together! They came out to do some target shooting here on the farm as there are so many safe areas for them to do that. They had brought their own targets for their shooting exercise and the two boys were keen to get going.

We had morning tea together and then Ken showed them the weapons we have in the gun safe before they headed off to their target shooting.

Ken went down to the bottom shed to work on the spreader (I think). He was having a nightmare of a job to remove some pin, then got some other tool wedged in whilst trying to remove said pin, and could not remove it, but … eventually he won! Shoo, a job well done!

In the background we could hear occasionally the echoes of shots fired, as the four guys aimed at their targets. Later, when they came to say, “Thank you!” and bid us “Farewell!” they showed us their targets and you do not want to mess with these guys as their shots were deadly!

Today I worked on some of our cupboards. I pulled EVERYTHING out of our linen cupboard, then was ruthless in sorting and chucking out old towels, kitchen towels, face cloths, bath mats and so on. Then I had to pack what I kept back into the cupboard, and I even managed to sneak a space for my long tops in the hanging area!

Linen Cupboard

I then went on to sort out the cupboard full of tablecloths, table mats, serviettes, but there was not that much to throw away there. I just took everything out and refolded it to make it neat again.

I then moved onto my own personal cupboard, and again, not too much work to be done there just a general straightening here and there. I should have taken photos of both those cupboards too, but I did not. Maybe another day.

In the late afternoon I lay down for a brief period and even attempted to have a snooze, but … that did not happen! Instead, I listened to my audio book and just relaxed. I am thoroughly enjoying this whodunnit and am getting a lot of work done while listening to it too!

For our supper tonight I cooked fish and chips – using the lovely fish fillets from fish caught by our friend Frik here on the farm!

Today had been a lovely day and both Ken and I had achieved what we wanted to, and had a friend plus some of his family come and visit. Yes, it was a good day!

What lesson did I learn today? There is great satisfaction in achieving your goals, no matter how small they may be.

What am I grateful for today?  The lovely cake that Steve brought out for us to have with them for morning tea!

My saying for today is …

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