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Blog for Saturday 6th May 2023

I was up bright and early but remained nice and warm in bed, with Raafie fast asleep in his bed on the floor alongside our bed.

Today Paddy and Ken arrive back on the farm – yahee!

Shame, the four fishermen – Ken, Paddy, Matt’ and Pete – were up until just after one o’clock this morning to catch their flight back to Sydney. They landed in Sydney at about half past five this morning, so had very little sleep, but were still smiling!

Apparently, they all had a fantastic time and caught so many fish and some of those fish were enormous. Here is a photo of one of Paddy’s fish caught! Impressive I would say!

From Left: Ken; Pete; Paddy; Matt’

Pete and Paddy daught ‘the big one’! The each caught a big one but on different days.

This morning I finished the ironing, put another load of washing on, and then cleaned our home. I cannot believe that Ken’s wonderful fishing gift trip has come and gone, but he loved every moment of it. “Thank you Paddy and Matt’ for that wonderful gift!”

Ken and Paddy arrived back on the farm today at about a quarter to one (or was it two?) Anyway, I phoned to chat to them when they had just left Wauchope, so I waited for a while and then rode the quad bike down to the bottom gate. There was quite a squish and a wobbly bypass to get around and past the ute’ and through that gate as the ute’ had conked out just this side of the gate. Shoo! I was glad I managed that manoeuvre.

I then splashed across the river crossing on the quad and … I survived …as did the quad bike!

I did not have to wait long for Ken and Paddy, then Ken and I went back up to the top shed on the quad bike for Ken to fetch the tractor to pull the ute’ back up home. Paddy steered the ute’ as Ken towed him up to the top shed.

Thank goodness, it was the ute’s battery connection that had caused the glitch, so all is now well and working!

We had wraps with tuna and salads for lunch and then Paddy and Ken slunk off to their respective beds to catch up on some well-earned rest and shuteye.

I lay down on the couch in our living area and Raafie came running through to sleep on my stomach as he loves to do. I relaxed and read my book and planned to watch the coronation of Charles III on TV later.

We will have grilled steak, chips and peas for supper tonight and then I am sure both Ken and Paddy will crash early to catch up with sleep!

They did.

I watched the coronation until my eyes slammed shut.

What lesson did I learn today? Some days I have to push myself “uphill” – for example, I dislike crossing the river on the quad bike but I did it!

What am I grateful for today? That Ken and Paddy got to the farm safely today.

My saying for today is …

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