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Blog for Saturday 7th January 2023

Yahee! I woke up at twenty to four this morning – and I was absolutely delighted as I love an early morning start to my day.

Shamara was thrilled too as that meant she got to eat earlier too. The little (or I should say ‘large’) guts! She really is growing sideways and not upwards, but that is okay as I think I am doing the same!

Although not raining or even drizzling when I got up it was cool and obviously overcast. So, hopefully it will be a nice day for my men to work outside.

For breakfast this morning I made some poached eggs, toast and cheese sauce, hoping to load the men up with energy for their day!

The day has been filled with odds showers and light drizzle. I do not think we have had much rain, but it is keeping the ground moist, which is wonderful.

I needed to do some more ironing today sometime, which meant I could listen to my audio book and not fall asleep while doing so!

Okay, that was the idea, but it did not quite work out like that. That’s life, ne? We always need a Plan B in the wings of our lives.

I did an hour and a half of ironing this morning, but as Ken was sitting near me and my ironing board, I could not listen to my audio as the earphone cord is not that long and I had no pockets in my shirt in which to carry my mobile. Plus Ken was listening to something on his i-phone and so I could not have my story blasting around the room. Therefore, the brilliant idea of listening to my book being read to me vanished – Kapoeuf -into thin air!

Another time … another day …

After I had sorted out most of the ironing – I had to do another half an hour in the late afternoon when the small load of washing had dried – I went up to my studio.

Up there I answered and sent emails. Finished transcribing what I had begun in the wee hours of today, and listened to two of the art lectures I am involved with.

Ages ago I did a rough sketch of Paddy on watercolor paper and readied it to paint, but the sticky brown paper securing it to the board had dried and come undone. So, today I re-wet the drawing and the sticky brown paper and will have to wait for those to dry for a couple of days. Maybe more if the weather continues to be dampish.

I am keen to try my hand at painting something completely different to how and what I would normally tackle.

I also looked and looked online for some nice images and ones that appealed to me of birds. I love the little fairy wrens, but still have not found photos that I really like of them. That particular course has set as an assignment to paint four birds sitting on a branch – carefully selecting them for color and action. That took me an age and a half but still with no luck. I will keep trying or maybe go down to the river and take some photos of the little fairy wrens down there myself.

Ken had the grim job of sorting the rubbish out and burning it, and Paddy and Matt’ had a day of fencing. Repairing the fences that our bulls kindly waltzed through without a backward glance at the destruction they had caused! Probably were totally unaware of it anyway.

The men were in and out – depending on the heaviness of the showers, and all three had a snooze in the afternoon. Paddy went out to continue fencing just before three o’clock and Matt’ joined him about half an hour later.

Pumpkin, Paddy’s cat has settled in well here on the farm and often just looks like a smear of colors – pumpkin, black, brown and white - on whatever bed she has selected to sleep on. She is fascinated at just how many beds she can choose from, and has even been known to stretch out on the leather armchairs for a change!

Tonight we are having a smoosh of all the leftover foods, which are many, as the fridge is beginning to bulge with half plates and bowls of leftovers. Plenty to nibble on, so nibble we did.

What lesson did I learn today? Always to have a Plan B handy.

What am I grateful for today? More drizzle.

My saying for today is …

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