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Blog for Saturday 7th October 2023

Although still battling tiredness I woke up – wide awake too - at half past three this morning, and there was no going back to sleep for me.

I made my way through to the kitchen found the ingredients for my first mug of coffee for the day plus some Ouma rusks! Robert heard me shuffling around in the kitchen and he came to get some coffee too. Then Mich’ came through and we sat on the verandah watching the bird life and admiring the wonderful view. Then Kent came to join us and slowly, slowly the family woke up to greet this very special day.

Kerry’ had organised with us to pick up Mich’ and myself, at about eight o’clock to take us to Tyra’ and Andrew’s home where Tyra’ and her bridesmaids were having their hair and makeup done.

Kerry’ took me to the main home and dropped me off there to help Sue finish making the bouquets and buttonholes for the wedding retinue. Kerry’ also showed both Mich’ and I the wedding venue right there – just stunning!

Sue and I had great fun together, chatting happily as we worked. Sue had done most of the work already, but I think she just needed some moral support.

John (Tyra’s future father-on-law) took me across to Tyra’ and Andew’s home to meet up with Kerry’, Mich’ Tyra’ and the bridesmaids. What a lovely, chaotic morning it was to. People moving constantly to and from makeup artist and hairdresser, and so much fun and laughter sprinkled all over everything.

When we got to the venue Kerry’ showed us around beginning in the chapel – and as Mich’ was clicking merrily away with her camera Kerry’ was doing her best to stay away and resorted to hiding behind some of the flowers in the chapel!

But as you can see, I took a snapshot of Kerry’ anyway! Ha!

Mich’ gobbling a bowl of yoghurt, muesli and strawberries in a quiet corner.

Sorry, but I was having such fun watching all the goings on that I forgot to take photos! Kerry’ took me around, showing me Andrew and Tyra’s home and it is beautiful and huge too. What a wonderful start in life together in such a magnificent setting.

This is Mich’ grabbing something to eat for breakfast in Tyra’s home.

It was great fun watching the makeup artist work her magic on the four bridesmaids, two mothers, one sister, a friend and the bride! Plus, we also got to watch the hairdresser tame curls, create curls or smooth the curls!

Kerry' having her makeup done.

Tyra’s turn to have her makeup done … I love that her little dog was part of that process!

It was such a fun time all us girls together laughing, chatting and becoming beautiful after the hairdresser and makeup artist had worked their magic!

Then it was time for us to say our fond farewells and return to our “home” and get ourselves ready for the wedding. Mich’ and I went back to our home and got ourselves showered and dressed - ready to celebrate Tyra’ and Andrew’s very special day.

It threatened to be a very hot day, but a strong breeze materialized which cooled everything down. When we arrived at the wedding venue, bless Josh’, one of our grandsons, held my elbow to prevent me from falling down with a ka-plonk. It was difficult walking on uneven ground in my Minnie Mouse - but rather beautiful, silver glittering high heels! But with Johs’s help I managed to get into the chapel without sprawling across the gravel or grass!

I have so many beautiful photos of the wedding but need to sort them out with Mich’ who took masses of photos. I will maybe do a blog of those photos later on.

This is a photo of one of Ken’s (my man’s) good friends who stayed in the same home as we did for the wedding, so Erwin and I had time to catch up before and after the wedding. Erwin has always been very close to Kerry’ and Tyra’ in particular. Sadly, Erwin lost his wife about five months ago so is battling with grief – not an easy time in life.

Callum, Andrew’s older brother took the wedding service, and it was so beautiful – everything from the first “Good morning” today to the last “Goodnight!” was wrapped in the love of family and friends – just a wonderfully happy day.

The reception area was gobsmackingly (new word created!) lovely! The food delicious, the music caused much foot stamping, bopping, gyrating and laughter. How else can I say – “It was one really beautiful day”.

We eventually got back home to our respective B& B’s at about half past one in the morning.

All of us were tired but it had been such a wonderfully happy day and everything went like clockwork – just a happy, happy, happy day!

What lesson did I learn today? How important family and friends are in our life.

What am I grateful for today? Family and friends.

My saying for today is …

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