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Blog for Saturday 9th September 2023

Shoo! I was obviously keen to wake up this morning – first at a quarter past three, then half past and again at twenty to four! It was time to get up and begin the day rather than lie there listening to the tick-tocking of my clock!

So, I did, much to the delight of one rather large, portly, black cat desperate to eat again!

After my Quiet Time I did the study for our Bible Study Group next week. Done and dusted. 2Kings 3: 1 – 27

Today I will also complete the lessons for my SRE lessons at school on Monday, as tomorrow we will be away for most of the day. After church we are going into Port Macquarie to meet up with a huge crowd of ex-South Africans to watch a re-run of one of the latest rugby matches together – and for lunch, chitter-chatter, laughter and lots of fun.

Ken had lazy start to his day and only went out at half past twelve to feed the bulls, and to check on the irrigation problem – hopefully he can fix it himself.

I received a beautiful photo of my friend receiving her degree down in Tasmania the other day. Such a stunning photo of her and her husband and if I was her, I would use that photo as wallpaper in every room in my home, then no one would be ignorant of the work she did to get that degree! I am so proud of her achievement, but … I fear I would not be as humble as she is. I would ply social media with the printed degree, the photos of my receiving it, and be on call for anyone who would listen! Heh-heh! I joke, but honestly Hester, well done my friend!

When I was sorting out, cleaning, tidying, de-cluttering and organizing my cupboard Raafie came and slept on our bed near me. He really is such a good little friend to me,

Raafie in repose mode!

Ken has been working on fixing our old trailer over the last few days and he was hoping to have it finished today. Time will tell if he managed to do that.

He has done it! Wow! He really has done a wonderful job of fixing the trailer using old pieces of wood, so now it is looking good and sturdy once again. Ken is such a handyman when he wants to be.

Yoh! This afternoon a nasty cold breeze – well no one could hardly call it a breeze as it was slamming against the walls of our shed, rattling everything it could and making it chilly again. No, it was a really strong wind for sure.

Yahee! We are having the chicken curry and rice I made last night, and we are both looking forward to that as it was a delicious meal and one that I have not made for a while.

I am looking forward to seeing our friends tomorrow after church and catching up with one and all.

What lesson did I learn today? To do what I can with what I have when it is possible.

What am I grateful for today? A quiet day at home.

My saying for today is …

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