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Blog for Saturday28th October 2023

Yahee! I think last night was the ‘swan song’ to my jet lag! Hopefully!

I woke up again just before midnight, but I was determined not to stay awake or to get up out of bed, so I lay there tossing and turning until I eventually fell asleep again.

I only woke up again just before eight o’clock this morning! I think my body clock has just clicked over back into Sydney, Australia time! Hallelujah!

Well, we had another 3mm of rain overnight – every drop is welcome! Plus, we have had the odd shower this morning – not a lot, just a heavy drizzle really for a few minutes, but as I have already said, ‘every drop is welcome’.

At about half past nine a good friend of ours – Peter Grelck – popped across to have morning tea with us and to catch up with theirs and our news. Peter came laden with gifts – a beautiful bunch of spinach, freshly picked from his veggie patch, and a little bowl of cherry tomatoes for us.

Bless Peter too, as he brought with him the things Ken needs to fix our one blind in the main shed area that has fallen down. Peter having been in the building trade knew exactly what Ken needed to repair the blind, so whoopee! Maybe this week our blind will once again be up!

It was lovely catching up with Peter, and Paddy and Matt’ came back from fencing to share some time and have a coffee and biscuits with us and Peter too. Later, Peter and Ken went out to where Paddy and Matt’ are working to see what fencing they were doing, before Peter left us to return back to his home.

While I was waiting for ‘da boyz’ to get back home for lunch later, I prepared the innings for wraps – chopped up cooked chicken, slices of ham, sliced tomatoes, onions and avo’s, lettuce, slices of cheese and an array of different mayonnaises.

Once I had the lunch set out I went up to my studio to check on the biblical studies I wanted to get back to and am so looking forward to getting back into a routine again of studying.

After lunch we all lay down – I tried not to sleep as I am hoping that tonight I will sleep normally and there will be no more jet lag. Instead, I listened to some talks on my phone, but Ken., Paddy and Matt’ all crashed and had a good snooze.

At about half past three Tony, our pastor phoned to say, “Welcome home!” to me which was very nice of him. Julie (Tony’s wife) has also just returned home after visiting their son and his family in the USA, so she too is battling jet lag. My heart goes out to her big time!

I was going to create a mince and pasta dish tonight, as it is a little chilly, but Paddy asked if we could have the curry again, so that is easy! Curry it will be!

I am looking forward to tomorrow as we are getting together with all the ex-South Africans in Port Macquarie to watch the streaming of the All Blacks vs Springbok ruby match final! Whoo-hoo! That will be fun for sure!

What incredible weather we have been having since I got home. Australia is a country of extremes, that we know. One day we had 38C and the very next morning it was only 18C – that is a difference of 20 degrees difference overnight! A bit of a shock to the body!

I must admit the rain has been such a blessing for the farm. Yes, I know the dams are still empty, but just to have some rain on this parched, cracked and very dry land is so soothing to the land and to us. The earth is very forgiving and so in a few days the pastures will be tinged with bright green as the grasses fight to come back.

What lesson did I learn today? To keep growing during the hard times like the grass does during a drought. Learn to persist when the odds are against you.

What am I grateful for today? The rain we have had over the last few days and for it being cooler today.

My saying for today is …

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