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Blog for Sunday 10th September 2023

Shoo! These last few mornings have begun at 3̊ C just when I thought winter had gone! Brrr! I lit the fire again this morning.

Well, that certainly caused a change in plan as to what I would be wearing today. It was back to warm winter woolies!

We left the farm later than we should have, (my normal Sunday nightmare,) so I asked Ken to drive as he is more aggressive in passing slow caravans et cetera and he drives faster than I do, so that we would not be that late for church!

We squealed in about five to ten minutes late, Ken dropping me off so I could get us a seat while he parked my little car at the back. Today we were seated as if back at school – all of us seated at desks as the High School children are writing their final exams. On each desk was a small photo of the child writing these exams, so I will be praying for a Lydia Sergeant this week, that she recalls all she needs to and is able to write it down concisely and clearly.

After church we headed into Port Macquarie where we met up with a lot of ex-South Africans to watch the re-run of the All Blacks against France rugby match. It was great seeing our friends again and as we were again later than most people there, we quickly ordered our meal and went through to the room set aside for us all.

My goodness gracious, what a fantastic meal I had – Chicken Penang Curry served on rice with flat bread. Really, really yummy! Ken had Barramundi and chips which he really enjoyed too.

The actual rugby match was pretty ordinary as the All Blacks were not up to their usual ability on the field. I think the final score was something like 22 to 13 for France. Very disappointing.

We left our friends not long after the match and headed back home where we were greeted by all four dogs with great happiness. Dogs have a wonderful way of showing their delight, much barking’s of sheer joy, tail wagging and prancing on their toes as they smile their happy welcomes.

I went out to feed the chooks some greens and check that they were well and safely tucked up for the night. They were and they too were happy to see me (or more accurately, the greens I brought!)

Neither Ken nor I wanted anything for our supper as we had eaten such a large meal for lunch, and a late meal at that. So, tonight was off to bed nice and early as it was getting chilly again.

What lesson did I learn today? Patience!

What am I grateful for today? Catching up with good friends.

My saying for today is …

“I don’t need a friend who changes when I change and who nods when I nod; my shadow does that much better.” Plutarch

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