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Blog for Sunday 11th February 2024

I woke up late today – I think it was all the nerve twanging moments when that cow charged Paddy in the ‘yards yesterday, that caused that! I only rolled out of bed just before five o’clock.

I could hear it as I shuffled out our bedroom – that soft shushing of rain on our tin roof. Oh dear! More soggy cattle work later then! But marvellous news for the farm as we had had 35mm of rain!

I fed Shamara, had my Quiet Time and got together the paraphernalia I would need later at Kids Church.

I had to get myself showered, dressed and organized this morning as I was doing Ken’s Door Duty at church, Flower Duty and teaching in Kids Church too!

My goodness, after all that heat this last week or two, this morning was decidedly cooler. Only 18 ̊C warming to max 22̊ C. What a huge difference compared to the heat wave we have just experienced. In fact, over 20 degrees!

I waved my fond farewells to Ken. Paddy and Matt’ as I headed down to the river in the ute’. When I got there, I had to swallow a few times as the river was most definitely up a LOT! But .. I made it across but in two sections I got a serious fright as the back of the ute’ was washed sideways. Not a great feeling folks!

Once across I transferred my things into my little blue bug of a car and headed into Wauchope.

It was good as I had left the farm extra early because I wanted to do the IGA shopping before getting to church, so that I could get back home as soon after church to help with the cattle work.

I had to be early at church too as I was filling in for and doing Ken’s Door Duty to welcome the congregation, and to setup my flowers in the front. Yahee! All done.

After teatime in church the children, Danyelle and I went downstairs for Kids Church and we had a great time together – hopefully with them all learning something from the lesson.

As I was leaving church Norm’ gave me my now wired lampshade so that I can begin to recover it. I am looking forward to doing that this week some time.

From church I headed out to the Law’s home where I picked up my South African food order from them, but as I was about to head back home, Ken sent me a message asking me to pickup batteries for the prodder! Oh dear! That meant I had to return to the IGA, but … the batteries were important, so it was back to the IGA before I could begin my home journey.

Then, can you believe this – about twenty kilometers outside Wauchope, I had a blow out in the right back tyre and had to pull to the side of the road.  Unfortunately, it was not a safe place as the shoulder of the road was so narrow, so I had to turn around on the road, which could not be done in one move. That was really scary as I had to turn around on the road and pray that no vehicle came around from either corner!

They did not.

Whew! I managed to get my little car to a safe place, and I phoned home to report why I was taking so long to get back. Matt’ told me to just wait he would find me and help change the tyre for me. As I put my phone back into the car a young man stopped and asked me if he could help me. I told him that Matt’ was on his way but he insisted that he was right there and where, he asked, was Matt’ coming from. He said that he had everything there to help me – he was towing a large trailer housing his little boy’s go cart, plus all the paraphernalia needed to run it. So, “Bless you Adam, from Tamworth for helping me!” As he also had a compressor in his trailer, he offered to pump up the two front tyres whilst he was there too. Then Adam waved me a farewell as he continued his journey back to Tamworth and I had to drive really slowly as I had one of those ‘temporary’ tyres on the right back wheel.

Once home, I transferred almost everything (I forgot my phone as it had slid behind my front seat) into the ute’, then headed down to the river which was still looking very full!

Unfortunately for me, a huge tree trunk had been washed down and was right in my path as I was negotiating the river crossing! There was no space at either end of this tree trunk for me to get around it, so I HAD to go OVER it! There was nothing for it but togrit my teeth, shut my eyes and ramp it! That folks, was rather scary as the water was pushing the ute’ hard and so I prayed my back teeth out in order to just get across and back home.

Let me put it this way, if I lost weight every time I was scared crossing the river, I would be mighty slim chick, or rather, skinny old hen!

As I neared our home on the hill I could hear the cacophony of sound coming from the ‘yards as the men worked with the cattle. So I hurried to get changed and get out there to help.

What a day! Today in all the mud, mess and soggy drizzle we did even more cattle than yesterday, so it was on l-o-n-g day and all four of us were tired, muddy, bloody and decidedly damp by the end of it.

Just as we were about to wrap the day up, one of our large bulls decided that he was not happy where he was, and so he simply walked through – no, no! – strolled through an electric fence – breaking the strands as if they were wet spaghetti, even though Paddy was yelling at him to “Stop!”

Those are the moments on the farm that are so frustrating. After the hours and hours of time Paddy, or Paddy and Matt’ have spent on fencing, it took only a s few seconds for that bull to destroy that work … and without a backward glance or a sorry filled face!

Once Ken and Paddy had moved the rest of the cattle to a camp, Paddy bless him, crossed the river to fetch my phone from my car, and even he remarked on the strength and force of the river trying to make the back of the ute’ wash away.

While everyone showered to feel clean and human again, I created our supper – roast chicken, small chips of potatoes baked in the oven, butternut, cauliflower cheese, and peas, corn and carrot mix with a chicken gravy. This sounds grand, but it was a very ordinary meal in reality. We all needed a hot meal and an early night’s rest.

After our meal we all headed off to bed as it had been along day, and all were weary.

What lesson did I learn today?  Just roll with the punches!

What am I grateful for today? A gentleman named Adam from Tamworth, who broke his journey back home in order to help me.

My saying for today is …

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