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Blog for Sunday 12th May 2024

“Happy Mother’s Day!” to all you wonderful mums, grandmothers and great-grandmothers out there. I salute you!

I was up very early as I needed to have my Quiet Time, go over my talk for church later this morning, finish making the egg sandwiches for church teatime, and to make sure I had my notes for my talk with me.

I then had a shower and got dressed for church. By then Ken had also got up - Yahee! We were very early leaving the farm this morning, but that made me happy as I hate being late for anything!

We left the farm in the ute’ because my little car would have choked on the mud before getting to our Highway gate!

As we pulled out of the Highway gate and onto the Oxley Highway there was this piercing – and I mean piecing sound that went right through to our the middle brain, – no, honestly it did! It really was horrific. Then Ken saw a little icon flashing on the dashboard … g-r-e-a-t! The ONE time we are early for church!

I suggested phoning Sandra and Noel to check if they were still home and we could limp to their place and hitch a ride from there and into church with them. But, as luck would haver it, there were no comms where we were on the Highway, so it was an uphill battle to contact them.! But … eventually Ken managed to speak to Noel, who then suggested Ken contact Keith, (one of the guys in our Bible Study Group) as Keith knows Toyotas well. (Our ute’ being a Toyota.)

True! Keith really does know Toyotas, and he was able to talk Ken through the problem – apparently water in the diesel – and Keith said that we could continue our journey without damage being done. He also told Ken how to correct the problem after church.

Ken came to a screeching halt outside the Timbertown IGA, and I ran in to grab a frilly lettuce – to decorate my egg sandwiches.

As soon as we got to church I quickly cut my egg sandwiches up and with the help of my friend Marg’ we decorated them with lettuce leaves and wrapped the plate with Glad wrap to keep them fresh and soft.

After teatime our pastor introduced the “experts” (as he called us) on ‘Motherhood”. Yoh! I felt hopelessly underqualified for that title, plus, the elderly lady (yes, there are a few people older than me!) who spoke after me has birthed and brought up ten children to our four! Incredible!

As part of my talk, I read out an article I wrote fifty years ago when Paddy (real name is James,) was 8 years old, Kerry-Leigh was 7, Shelayne was five and a half, Michelle was five months old, and I was twenty-eight! The article was about being a Mum to four children … the title of the article was “Mummee!” A South African women’s magazine published it in cartoon serial form, and as I said today, the editor must have been childless or a man, as every mother knows being a Mum is no cartoon strip!

After church Ken and I headed off to the Wauchope Country Club to celebrate Mother’s Day by having a lovely lunch there together. Ken had the Fishermen’s basket, and I had the roast of the day (pork with yummy crisp crackling) and veggies. (Extra delicious when you have not had to think about it, write the ingredients down on a list, get into the car and go and buy them, unpack it, put them away and then later on, cook it yourself!)

After our lunch we waddled back to the ute’ and drove out to Keith and Julie’s as Keith was going to show Ken how to drain the water out the fuel in the ute’.

But we stopped on the side of the road just before we got to their home, and we slid down … down …down the slope until the ute’ was resting against the trees and we had a thin steel pole directly behind us. Try as he did to get us out, we just slid further and further down. Ken phoned Keith, and bless Keith, he came and yanked us out!

Shame, when we got to their home Julie was sitting up on their couch with her right leg all professionally strapped up (the hospital had done that,) as she had twisted her knee badly yesterday and was in pain. Not sure yet what she has done to said knee, but she will be seeing the doctor tomorrow.

Yahee! Keith and Ken managed to drain the water out the fuel which meant no more piercing sounds during our drive home. Wonderful!

Little Raafie was more than delighted to see us back home and he does this incredible happy dance every time we arrive back home. I must shoot a video of it, so that when he is old and grey I can show it to him!

We were home by about half past three in the afternoon, I think. Ken went off for his siesta, and I went up to my studio to read and write for a while, but I had phone calls from our children for Mother’s Day and it was wonderful catching up with them all from Australia, South Africa and the USA!

It was early to bed tonight for me and Ken and Raafie joined me too.

What lesson did I learn today? I was reminded of what an honor it is being a Mum and Grandmother – both roles I absolutely adore!

What am I grateful for today? For our four children and their families.

My saying for today is …

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