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Blog for Sunday 12th November 2023

I woke up late again this morning- what is happening to me? No, no! It is not age!

If it was, I am not admitting it! So put that in your pipe and smoke it!

I had my Quiet Time then went downstairs to have a shower and get dressed for church.

I woke Ken up at eight o’clock, but my poor man loves sleeping and cannot be hurried. So, it looked as if we would be late again for church, but it certainly teaches me several lessons while I wait - patience and to be more understanding.

So, as you may well imagine there was much hurrying and scurrying in the end, and we flew along the highway at great speed!

Suddenly, there was a loud bang. Both Ken and I swiveled our heads around to look backwards but could see nothing. Then another loud bang followed – again we could see nothing and then … the third bang and Ken was fighting to keep the ute’ on the road as it threatened to roll or cause an accident of some sort. Not a good feeling.

Ken managed to get the ute’ to the side of the road and there he espied a blow out of the front right tyre. G-r-e-a-t! We were most definitely going to be late for church! While Ken collected the jacks et cetera to remove said tyre, Ken asked me to contact someone at church to tell them our long sad story, but … our congregation are good Baptists and so most of them had their phones turned off or on silent! But I thought of one person who is normally late and phoned him and hallelujah, he received my call and passed on the information!

Today I took a towel to sit on in the ute’ as it is so dirty and I was wearing white longs. Thankfully I did so as I used that towel for Ken to lie on when he was under the ute’ changing the tyre!

Cars and motorbikes whizzed by us at the speed of light, and I was concerned that when Ken got up one of them may take him out, so I keep a beady eye on the traffic. Then, a vehicle – same as our ute’ - stopped on the other side of the road and a man, Mick and his son, Matt’ came across to help Ken. It was so kind of them, and we appreciated their help enormously.

What a strange coincidence this was really, as Ken had found and returned a ‘stray’ or rather ‘lost’ dog on the highway a few years back to this man, Mick, who was so grateful as it was his dog! Small world and one kind deed demands another!

We arrived at church in time for tea!

After church we had the AGM Meeting and then Ken and I went across to Norm’s place to pickup the large quad bike that Norm’ had repaired. Yoh! But it was so hot by then. When we got home it was 35̊ C and I am sure went up even higher later!

I tried to lie down and sleep but clearly that was not going to happen for me, so seven minutes later I got up and left Ken and Raafie to have their siesta.

I spent time up in my studio reading, tidying my desk and then in the late afternoon I watched another episode of SAS Australia. I think I only have two or maybe three episodes to go. I am fascinated by what these people allow themselves to go through – just watching it gives me the tremors of fear!

Hopefully I am organized for SRE at school tomorrow – everything is printed, packed and waiting!

Tonight, we had the leftovers of BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, pumpkin and peas for our supper.

Not long after eating I crawled into bed and was soon asleep. Another day in my life had expired but I had enjoyed it – blow out and all!

What lesson did I learn today? Patience!

What am I grateful for today? That Mick and Matt’ stopped to help Ken change the tyre.

My saying for today is …

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