Blog for Sunday 13thNovember 2022

Another day arrived all wrapped up beautifully in the softest layers of fog. Beautiful!

This morning after I had fed my feline and had my Quiet Time I went downstairs to iron my clothes and have a shower. I woke Ken up at seven o’clock as I was not planning to be late again for church this morning.

I wanted to get to church with plenty of ‘wiggle time’ so that I did not arrive there all huffed and puffed and skidding in in haste, as I was leading the service - well the first part of the service today!

My talk went well, and the congregation seemed to enjoy it. I write out my talk so that I do not deviate and go down rabbit holes. That way I stick to the time limit and do very little waffling!

After morning tea at church, I went down to Kids Church to help Karen (and Matt’ was also there) to work with the children to begin to create the puppets – just little finger puppets – that we will use for the children’s presentation of the Christmas Story to the congregation later this year.

Holly (age three) and I were in charge of gluing the eyes onto the sheep and the two of us were managing to get more glue onto us that onto the sheep’s eyeballs! Holly in the end asked me to takeover as she had little eyeballs stuck to almost all her fingers and none on the sheep!

Here is a photo of the sheep I have just finished - to be glued onto the fingers of black gloves., which Holly will use.

At the end of Kids Church, I said to Karen that I would – during this coming week – endeavor to make the little finger puppets which would take a weight off her shoulders. She agreed happily and gave me the whole packet of different coloured felt and waved me farewell … smiling!

On our way home we made a quick stop into the IGA as I needed to buy a few items there and then it was on and home again.

Paddy was already here on the farm and working when we arrived back. It was so good to have him back here again. Matt’ (Paddy and Ren’s son and one of our six grandsons) did not come up this time as he and his girlfriend Ash’, are doing a cruise to Vanuatu this week. Lucky fish!

It was by this time a stinking hot day and we were all hot and bothered so decided to lie down read, snooze or relax for a while to allow the heat of the day to abate a little. Wise move!

I had ten minute snap snooze and I think Paddy did the same, but the rumbling and growling of thunder over us woke me up. We had a few spots of rain before the storm slipped past us – you could literally count the spots!

Later Ken and Paddy went out to check on the farm and what they are wanting to do together tomorrow before heading back home.

Tomorrow one of the guys from church is coming out to see if he can repair my oven that has turned to toes up. Hopefully it is just an electrical fault and can be easily fixed. I am praying so.

We had supper – just some locally made pepper steak pies, mashed potatoes, butternut and peas, and then to bed.

I was almost asleep when Ken came to bed but then tossed and turned until he eventually turned the lights out.

What lesson did I learn today? Do it even when you are scared. (I am always very nervous when speaking in church.)

What am I grateful for today? That Paddy arrived on the farm safely.

My saying for today is …

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