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Blog for Sunday 14th January 2024

Yikes! I had such trouble with cramps again last night. I eventually got up and walked around to try and stop them. That was at five past one this morning! Not even that special spray my little sister gave me worked. Definitely not sleep inducing, either!

I got up at about a quarter to four, fed Shamara, got myself a glass of water and tip toed as silently as the creaking stairs allowed me to, up to my studio to have my Quiet Time.

As I try to keep the lights to a minimum, not to disturb the family, I use my desk lamp in my studio and not the light, but in doing so the light attracts thousands of those irritating miggies and small moths. I put the fan on full blast and then sit here shivering while the miggies are blown to kingdom come!

Paddy and Matt’ did a good job in the ‘yards yesterday – they work well together and get so much done. Fantastic!

Later today, I am hoping to do some art homework for this course I am doing at present. But yoh, these exercises are not that easy for me! This first exercise comes in three parts. 1.1 I have to introduce myself using three stories – classic children’s stories, or any classic book I love et cetera.1.2 Draw a self-portrait that defines me! 1.3 Notes on all the above.

I did not manage to do any of my art today, but I will make a concerted effort to do so tomorrow.

This morning, I left the farm at about a quarter to nine on my way to church, but I stopped first at the bottom shed, where Paddy and Matt’ were hard at work. My goodness, gracious, golly me! That have made HUGE strides in clearing out this shed, and they have almost finished putting up the shelving too. Very impressive!

I banged and bounced my way across the river to my little car and headed off to Wauchope on my own.

As I was nice and early for church today, I stopped first to pick up my new SRE manual for the year from the guy who is in charge of such matters. He had kindly left my book in their post box, so with a one-two-three I hopped out my car, grabbed said book, and was in my car again before you could say ‘Jack Robinson is my father!’

At church our Bible Study Group decided that we would start our group again this coming week, even if some of our members will not be there. Our pastor will be coming too, bringing a young guy who is finishing off some theological course, as he wants him to see how we run our Bible studies.

After church I drove out to friends of ours to drop off several bottles of champagne – they are making up food hampers et cetera to raise money for their daughter’s joining a Christian outreach group for a year (I think.) I believe it is YWAM – Youth With A Mission.

Then I stopped again at the Timbertown IGA to pick up a few fresh groceries before returning home.

Once I had crossed the river, I stopped at the bottom shed again to check Paddy and Matt’s progress – shoo, they are working like dynamos! They were busy draping the thick shade cloth along the ceiling line of the shed to prevent the swallows from messing on everything below. Wonderful!

I drove up to the top shed and prepared a lunch which none of us ate – as it was just too hot to eat, plus Paddy and Matt’ did not stop their work, but only came back here at about five o’clock – if not later.

Ken had his siesta after working with Paddy and Matt’ for a while, then he checked the cattle and all was well in the bovine world.

I tried working on re-covering the lampstand shade. Ngrr! I could have cut it up in weeny little pieces – like confetti – as it is such an awkward thing to do because it kept unravelling what I had taken ages to do. VERY frustrating, but a wonderful exercise to develop strong muscles of patience if you do not fail!

For our evening meal I was going to cook lamb chops and boerewors (South African sausage) but again it was too hot for that, so we had cold meats and salads instead.

Paddy. Matt’ and mwah all crashed early but Ken was up until about half past ten – I was long gone into the Land of Nod by then!

What lesson did I learn today? I attempted another lesson in patience, (with the lampstand shade) but think I failed spectacularly!

What am I grateful for today? All the work Paddy and Matt’ have accomplished this visit.

My saying for today is …

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