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Blog for Sunday 14th May 2023

“Happy Mother’s Day!” to all the mums out there – may you all feel very special and loved today.

I do as I spoke to all four of our children and was given some lovely gifts from them too. Spoilt! That is what I am.

After I had had my Quiet Time, showered, dressed then I got all my paraphernalia for church and Sunday School together.

Ken was up early too which was a huge help for settling my nerves as I get anxious about being late (which we normally are!) Just before we were about to leave, I got everything nicely set up for Raafie, a bowl of milk, water, food, biscuits. A carboard box to chew on and a new toy to play with! Poor little guy would again be inside on his own. I hate leaving him, but it is the safest place for him to be.

While I was busy getting things organized for my furry child, Ken exclaimed, “Geepers, that is unusual – look all of our cattle dogs are looking in the same direction and one of them is looking up!” Ken was standing at the kitchen windows looking out at the dogs. I quickly looked out and then asked, “Did Raafie come back inside with you when you let them out of their kennels?” Ken replied that he was not sure. So, out I went, but before I did, I called for Raafie inside over and over and over, no little furry body came hurtling towards me as he usually did. So, I went outside, I called and called and called, I checked in the kennels of all the dogs, no sight no sound of my little hairy hound.

I could feel that panic starting to rise in me – you know when you have some fear and suddenly it grows into a monster of a fear? Mine was for a wedge tailed eagle to have taken him. I did my best to keep that fear at bay but it was hovering so close to the edge of my mind it was scary.

I ran inside again but still no Raafie. I walked outside and towards the kennels and suddenly I was overcome with fear and emotions. I began to cry. You know that ugly cry. The tears and emotion coming from my toenail area and deep sobs rose up. Jabu, our youngest kelpie, felt my distress and in order to comfort me jumped up on me, covering me with her muddy paws. That added to my upset and my feet in my black suede boots were now sopping wet but there was not time to change, we had to leave the farm or be late and I could not do that.

I find in moments of crisis in my life that is when Scripture verses float across my mind and still, comfort or encourage me. That is what happened this morning. I knew that I had to give my talk in church and so would have to pull myself together.

I walked back inside and … yes, you guessed it. Raafie came hurtling towards me. He had been in a rubbish bag at the back of the shed and knew he should not be there so had not answered my calls. I was absolutely delighted to see the little guy but went from incredible feelings of grief to wanting to wring his little furry neck!

I gave my talk in church and then after teatime I went down to teach in Sunday School. As our congregation is mainly made up of older folks now, like Ken and I, there are very few children as the older kids are now at High School, or the children have moved away from this area when their parents have changed work et cetera. We only have two little ones who attend church regularly (and a few who come occasionally), and their parents have said to me before, “We feel terrible that you go to such a lot of work just for our two children.” My answer to that is, “It honestly is a pleasure and who knows your son could become another Billy Graham, or your little girl an Esther or a Deborah!”

Today one of the young guys – he is about sixteen now – asked me if he could also join us in Sunday School, which was a lovely surprise and he helped me a lot in the one exercise I got the children to do. The lesson was on the Good Samaritan, and after I had told them the parable, and they had done the handwork I suggested that we do a pretend Jew/Good Samaritan scene. I got the young guy to wrap one of the kids and I did the other little one, using a toilet paper roll for each! This was to symbolize the poor beaten up guy getting wrapped in bandages and care.

The young guy's wrapping.

My wrapping.

Oh, what fun! It was hilarious and one the children will remember for a long time. In fact when we joined the congregation after church was over, their Mum said, “Well I know what the children learnt in Sunday School today Gail – how to get wrapped in toilet paper!” But I called their son over and asked him what he had learnt today and he could quote every word on the parable almost perfectly! We often learn things well when we have fun doing so!

From church Ken and I went into Port Macquarie to do some grocery shopping and then we headed home and were greeted by an ecstatic little puppy!

The rest of our day was slow, restful and relaxing. A good Mother’s Day!

What lesson did I learn today? I need to memorize more Bible verses.

What am I grateful for today? A lovely Mother’s Day.

My saying for today is …

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