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Blog for Sunday 15h October 2023

Yoh! I was tired but I got up at about twenty to five. We went to bed after eleven last night and I am not used to late nights and intense and long conversations, so I was whacked!

I left Sheelagh and Shazzi asleep and I let the dogs in and washed the cat – Mr. Belvedere – well, washed is not really the right word. Maybe ‘wiped’ would describe what I did better. I soak the face cloth in warm water and then wiped Mr. Belvedere’s face, his eyes and whiskers, and then his body and tail and he absolutely loves it. Then I massaged his ears and the top of his head as he laid his head against my chest purring like a tractor! Kerry’ does that every morning – their ritual at the start of the day. Very cute.

Mr. Belvedere grooming himself later.

I got to upload the remaining blogs and begin another biblical study this morning. I am looking at the intertestamental times – the five major eras before and during the New Testament times – something I have never done really.

Sheelagh got up later and she and I had a coffee and then she showered, and I followed her example a little later. The two of us sat outside on the verandah admiring the silence and beauty of nature out there as we chomped on toast, sipped coffee and chatted. Earlier, I had watched the vervet monkeys swinging their way across the tree branches and moving up in that corridor of nature to some arranged spot. The dogs get so excited when they sight monkeys and they run up and down glaring menacingly at the monkeys who intentionally ignore them!

Kerry’ phoned to say they were back in the base camp in the game reserve and had at last got comms. Apparently, they had had a marvellous time on this bush walk – the first day they came across some lions, and later a black rhino. They also almost walked into two buffalo and saw buck, warthogs and so on. What an incredible experience for them all.

Shazzi had a good sleep in and then when she had got up the three of us sat outside together, again chatting, chatting, chatting. Lots of chattering, lots of tears, and lots of laughter were shared.

From Left: Sheelagh, Shazzi and me

Later, we had lunch together and at about half past two both Sheelagh and Shazzi left to meet at some coffee shop to have a coffee before Shazzi returned to Hilton Road. Sheelagh was keen to get back home but Shazzi was insistent that they have a coffee together and Sheelagh decided that there was some shop she really wanted to see as she had not yet seen it but had heard good reports about it, so … off they went together.

About fifteen minutes later Jerry’, James and Tyra’ arrive back. Tyra’ had a quick shoer and then wave her fond farewells and set off to return to her home with Andrew waiting for her.

Robert. Mich’ and Josh’ arrived back home just before Tyra’ left s were able to say “Goodbye!” to her then.

Once everyone was back home they all showered and I got to see their photos – my goodness, gracious they have some truly magnificent photos and many wonderful memories to file away in their heads and hearts.

It was then time to get organized to watch the big match – well, the guys first watched the England versus Fiji game, while Kerry’, Mich, Josh’ and I sat outside chatting. Then we had a delicious meal of wildebeest mice with pasta before settling in to watch the Springboks play France. All of us were snuggled up on the leather couches together – James, Kerry’, me, Rober, Mich’ and Josh’. But at half time I decided that I was too tired to care who won or who lost so I said “Goodnight!” and headed for bed. I heard not a sound as I was soon in the Land of Nod. (I was so happy to hear that the ‘bokke won this morning!)

What lesson did I learn today? For lack of wood a fire goes out. For lack of gossip contention dies down.

What am I grateful for today? That I got to spend some quality time with my little sister and also some time with my niece.

My saying for today is …

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