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Blog for Sunday 15th January 2023

Another early beginning to my day. Wonderful!

But my goodness our dogs barked and barked and barked. As soon as I got up to my studio, I told them to “Hush!” and they did, but I could hear the wild dogs very close by, and they were barking loudly and that is what upset our canines.

I had another nice long Quiet Time and then it was time for me to shower and get ready for church this morning.

It was good that our pastor Tony sent his sermon to me, for me to email out to the congregation who were unable to be at church today. It arrived nice and early too – I think it was a few minutes past six this morning – so I was able to send it out and check that it had gone out too! Sometimes it seems to ‘hover’ and then I have to send it again. Today, all was well in my email world as it went out!

Shoo! It was to be another snorter of a day. The weathermen promised another 30̊ C day, but it is always hotter than that here. So, sorry sweat pores, more work for you today!

I am so happy as my new annual manual for my SRE teaching at school has arrived, and I can pick it up after church. I like to plan and get my lessons organized well ahead of time, so I am really happy to be able to get it now.

I think for today it will be “Chill Time” for Paddy, Ken and mwah. I am planning to read, listen to my audio book or watch a movie maybe? I will have to see how the day rolls out.

I had a lovely surprise yesterday when one of my good friends from high school days – (we have been friends for over sixty-three years now) – sent me a nice chatty email all the way from Canada. It is always staggering to me how a little gesture like that can lift one’s day. I need to remember that and send an email to someone who would not be expecting one from me and hopefully brighten their day too.

Church was lovely with Tony (our pastor) setting us another challenge, but always an encouraging message with it.

After church Ken and I whipped around to Yippin Creek where I picked up my new SRE Manual for 2023. Goody I am looking forward to going through the first term lessons.

We then stopped at the IGA in Wauchope where I grabbed a few items that I needed before heading back home.

Yoh! Another scorcher of a day!

The three of us had a quiet and restful afternoon and we each enjoyed every moment of it as it was too hot to be energetic in any shape or form! I even had a lovely snooze for half an hour, and then did some reading.

In the late afternoon I flicked through the new SRE manual and was pleasantly surprised at how well it has been compiled this year. It is far better and has far more information, ideas, suggestions et cetera. I look forward to spending more time in it.

For our supper I made salmon marinated and grilled in a sweet chilli sauce, balsamic vinegar and garlic, served with smashed potatoes and a small salad on the side.

We sat outside around a fire again to end our day. Those moments are like a full stop at the end of the day’s story. A lovely way to end each day.

We came back inside to eat and then we all headed off to bed. As I pulled the duvet up around my neck, today slipped away forever.

What lesson did I learn today? Look at every person through kind eyes.

What am I grateful for today? A lovely quiet day.

My saying for today is …

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