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Blog for Sunday 17th September 2023

I woke up at twenty to four this morning, lay there for ten minutes and then catapulted my body out of bed and straight into the new day!

Wow! Even the mornings are warmer now – I find that so fascinating, how the seasons change from on day to the next, like magic.

I was up bright and early and at about seven-ish I went downstairs to shower and get ready for church.

I left Paddy and Ken on the farm as they had several things they wanted to accomplish before the end of today, as Paddy was going back home in the late afternoon.

Paddy kindly took me across the river to my little car and he also opened the Highway gate for me, so all I had to do was drive on through and set sail for church! How wonderful! Spoilt old lady, that is what I am!

It was nice to see our friends at church today although there were many who were absent due to ill health, or away on holiday. We really do have a great bunch of people in our congregation.

Ah! Yes! Before going to church I stopped off at the IGA to buy a few bits and pieces. But oh horror of horrors! The other day I left my wallet on the top of my desk near the little heater. I did not think anything of it until this morning when I opened my wallet to put something in it and there was my Debit Card all wonky on the one end from the heat of the heater! Both it and my IGA rewards card have been melted on the one end! I shall have to get my Debit Card replaced when we go to town next time.

After church I had to stop to get fuel for the water pump on the farm, which I did and then on home clickety-click.

By the time I got back home it was steaming hot! Paddy came across the river to fetch me as Ken was having his siesta by that time. It is hard to fathom how one minute one is shivering with the cold and the next sweating bullets because of the heat!

We had some lunch and then had a bit of a rest. Ken slept and Paddy read his book and had a snap snooze, and I read my book and finished it today. Later, I went out to let the chooks out to stretch their legs and to venture further afield.

In the late afternoon Ken and Paddy plus the tractor moved the chook pen/hen house to a new position, and I scrubbed the nesting boxes, and Paddy filled their water container up again. It is now in a better position – not so exposed to the rough weather, so they should be happier there – not that they ever complained before!

Next, Ken and Paddy worked clearing out the pipe from the small dam (down by the bottom shed) to the water trough in the Large River Camp as that had blocked up. All clear! Wonderful!

Then after Ken and had taken Paddy across to his car and waved his fond farewells, he put on the irrigation system now that I had brought more fuel for it.

Ken and I finished the prawn in a creamy garlic sauce with rice for our supper and I was soon in bed and fast asleep.

Apparently, not long after eight o’clock we had an unannounced power outage – which is unusual. And I woke up in the wee hours of the morning wondering what on earth was happening as all the lights were on!

What lesson did I learn today? To enjoy the simple things in life – like watching the chooks and the guinea fowl sixing each other up.

What am I grateful for today? Family and friends.

My saying for today is …

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